Wooden bed frames in Singapore are becoming more and more popular among furniture buyers. Whether it’s for their own homes or for their rental properties, many people are transitioning from the regular metal frames to wooden frames. For people who are thinking of making that switch anytime soon, here are 5 benefits they can enjoy if they choose to buy wooden bed frames.








  1. Highly Customizable

One of the biggest advantages of wooden bed frames is that they are highly customizable to suit customer needs. Whether people are looking for intricate designs or simply utilitarian, wooden bed frames can easily get a makeover using different wood stains. Customers can even paint it in different colors such as red, yellow, black and even white to suit their home interiors and style preferences.








  1. Easy To Recycle

Wooden bed frames are 100 percent recyclable, which makes it easier to dispose of. In fact, they can even be re-purposed into coffee tables and shelves with a little DIY and resourcefulness. Compared to iron bed frames, wooden bed frames are friendlier to the environment.








  1. Warmer Vibe

A wooden bed frame helps increase the comfort levels in the bedroom because it looks more inviting and cozier compared to wrought iron bed frames. It adds just the right touch of elegance and warmth to your bedroom interiors.








  1. Durability

Depending on the type of wood used, wooden bed frames are highly durable. For instance, oak is highly durable and resistant to moisture. This means that with proper care, they can last years.








  1. Great Returns On Investment

While wooden bed frames are slightly more expensive that the metal ones, they are better investments because of these above-mentioned benefits. Additionally, wooden bed frames have been used for centuries, and they’re still considered not-outdated. This means that buying a wooden bed frame is getting something that will be useful and fashionable for a long time. Money: saved.



The mattress is often the star of the bedroom but the bed frame completes the ensemble. A wooden bed frame can make bedrooms look more elegant and inviting. On top of that, people can give their bed frames a new look, simply by sanding them, or painting them with a new stain or color. This is something people can’t do on wrought-iron bed frames. So, to answer to the question asked in the title: wood is the clear winner. The benefits mentioned above is the proof, and can be used as a guide when deciding to buy a wooden or metal bed frame.