In one way or another, at a certain point of your life, you will be saying goodbye to your lovely mane. Whether you cry over it or give it in freely, it will happen. And since putting so much stress over your hair loss will just make it worse, the least you can do is to let things happen. Or better yet, do something about it. Find ways on how to have thicker hair.

Here are some helpful tips to make your hair stay where they are – on your scalp and not on your hairbrush, not on the bathroom floor or on the pillow or on someone else’s shoulders.


  • Eating The Right Food


Accept it. Proper diet is not only for Victoria Secret’s model wannabes or for those body-building hunks you meet in the gym the other day. Taking the right amount of right foods will work just about for everyone. If you have a dull hair, a salmon recipe will do the magic. For falling hair, try eating beans.



  • Taking The Right Vitamins and Minerals

Woman touching her face

There are a lot of supplements for hair loss out in the market, but the question is, do they really work? While some might and some of them don’t, it is beneficial to know which vitamins and minerals will help you with your hair problem. Vitamin A helps produce scalp oil. Just don’t take too much of it as it may have an undesirable outcome. Vitamin B Complex will prevent hair loss and is responsible for hair coloration. Biotin is responsible for preventing dryness of your hair and in promoting hair growth. Vitamin C is also a great aid for collagen synthesis and Vitamin E is necessary for cell regeneration.

Your mouth plays a vital role to your well-being. So if you love yourself and your locks, be mindful of what you take in. And remember that too much or too little of everything will do no good.