You may have tried everything you can to rescue your tresses from falling out but always end up with a clump of hair on your hair brush, your towel, or the shower drain.  What could be wrong?

When you know what’s causing your hair to fall out, half the battle is already won.  So here are the most common reasons why your hair has started thinning out sooner than it’s supposed to and what you can do to prevent it.


  1. Stress
    Trauma caused by an accident, pregnancy and childbirth, or simply due to your demanding work environment can lead to a shock in your hair cycle. This type of hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium; it is when hair roots are pushed out of your scalp too soon.  A physician’s intervention may be needed when the person is not able to manage the stress on his own.


  1. Lack of Protein
    The body makes up for the protein loss by decreasing its supply to your hair. Increase your protein intake to help your tresses grow longer, thicker, and healthier.


  1. Male Pattern Baldness
    Like premature grey hair, Male Pattern Baldness is largely considered genetic. It can be arrested with the help of topical creams and natural remedies from plants like aloe vera and coconut.  In extreme cases, hair grafting has proven to be a most effective means to save hairline from receding further.


  1. Iron Deficiency
    When a person is suffering from anemia due to iron deficiency, hair loss is one of the most common symptoms. Seek your doctor’s advice on the best type of supplement you can take to meet your body’s iron requirement.


  1. Alopecia Areata and Lupus
    This is when the immune system confuses the hair for a foreign object and fights it so it thins out or does not grow at all. This requires medical attention although some cases of Alopecia Areata have been addressed through herbal supplements and natural topical solutions.


  1. Sudden Weight Loss
    When you lose weight drastically, your body is deprived of essential nutrients needed to keep your system running at a normal phase, hair growth included.  When this is disturbed, your body tries to make up for it by reducing nutrient supply to your hair, nails, and skin.  Stick to a fitness plan so you won’t have to make your body suffer while you shed off some weight.


  1. Too Much Styling
    Whether it’s the use of treatments, gels, waxes, or simply exposing your hair to blow dryer and flat iron heat, you can expect your hair to give in to the pressure by falling out. When you can’t help but use these to beautify your locks, let your hair and scalp rest once in a while by keeping it clean and conditioned properly.


When battling hair loss, make sure you are aware of the most probable reason why your precious locks are falling out.  Most of the time, the remedies lie in your own hands, requiring only that you shift your diet, rethink your sleeping patterns, or simply go on a vacation.  If you feel that there is more to your hair loss than just stress, see your doctor right away.