Cancer in the large intestine or the bottom few inches of the colon is known as colorectal collectively. This is a terrible form of cancer that can sneak up on people in Singapore because it does not always show symptoms at first. It can even metastasize and spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. Here are the main points everyone should understand about colorectal cancer.


Signs There Could Be Problems 

One sign of this type of cancer is a sudden change in bowel habits that will last for a month or more. This means things are consistently different when using the bathroom during that time. Blood appearing in stool or rectal bleeding are signs of cancer. The feeling that the bowels are never empty can be a sign. Pain and cramping in the stomach area that lasts for weeks could be indicative of cancer. The final possible sign is weight loss for no reason.


Why Cancer Develops In the Colon 

There is no clear explanation as to why some in Singapore people get cancer in the colon. Colorectal cancer usually starts as harmless polyps or bumps in the colon. Those can turn cancerous at any time and start destroying the body. It seems there is some correlation between developing cancer and eating a diet that is high in fat and lacking in healthy fiber.


Factors Increasing the Risk of Cancer 

Several things can make this type of cancer more likely in a person in Singapore. Excessive drinking and smoking greatly increase the risk. A lack of exercise does as well. People in families where others have gotten this type of cancer could be at risk due to genetics. Overweight individuals have a higher risk. Lack of dietary fiber, diabetes and experiencing other colon issues all also make cancer more likely.


Types of Treatments Available 

Several treatments are available in Singapore to people who have been diagnosed with this form of cancer. The first option is surgery to remove the cancerous part of the colon. This can work very well if the cancer is caught early. A second option is chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells. Targeted radiation therapy can be used to reduce the size of tumours in the colon. A final option is targeted drug therapy to help stop cancer cells from reproducing or spreading.


Preventing This Type of Cancer 

Prevention is the best option when it comes to this form of cancer. It is important to get a colonoscopy in Singapore to check whether there are polyps in the colon. It is also important to get a colonoscopy regularly. This will allow doctors to catch any problems early and possibly prevent the cancer from progressing too far. Never ignore the risk of cancer in the colon.

It is important for everyone to get a colonoscopy to prevent colorectal cancer from forming and destroying the body. This is critical even if there seems to be no bowel or gastrointestinal problems. Taking just that one small step could pay off significantly later in life if polyps are detected early.