Ah, it’s that time of the year again for team building. Depending on how you see it, team building activities in Singapore are a fun way for you and your colleagues to mingle outside of work and Friday happy hours. If you find yourself in the organizing committee this year, here’s what you need to know about planning the best corporate team building event yet.Calendar_0

  1. Decide on a Suitable Date It’ll be a challenge to find a date that is suitable for everyone. While others may dread the idea of meeting their colleagues on weekends, there’s also the manager’s schedule to consider. Here’s a smart tip: list down three date options to choose, preferably on Fridays. Then, let the majority votes decide the best date for the team building event.primary2
  2. Choose a Suitable Activity Once the date has been decided, choose a range of team building activities in Singapore that everyone can enjoy. It could be a day trip to the nearby island, a fun time at the trampoline park, or a competitive game of paintball. When finalizing an activity, keep in mind for any wheelchair-bound colleagues or seniors who prefer easygoing activities.CW-Brunello-Garden-SMB-Brewery
  3. Research on Venue and Facilities The next step is to make a thorough research on your shortlisted venues in Singapore and their available facilities. When it comes to hosting a large group of employees, find out if the venue has a spacious environment and ample parking spaces. For facilities such as sound system, ask for its availability onsite, or risk arranging one yourself.budget - iStock_000041295790_Large
  4. Finalize Event Budget Another interesting part of team building planning is the budget. It’s a word so crucial yet dreaded by managers and human resources alike. Regardless of the small or huge budget given, finding out an approved number and make your expenses around it will save a lot of headaches when the final bill arrives. Of course, presenting surpluses at the end of the day will put you on their good books too.ITINERARY_SELECTED5. Prepare Event Itinerary Behind every successful team building event is a detailed timeline that keeps things organized. Stay as detailed as possible and list down everything from your colleague’s arrival, the time frame for each activity, lunchtime, and so forth. Share the itinerary with your colleagues, so they won’t arrive at the event looking clueless.Addiction - Wordcloud Medical Concept. The Word in Red Color, Surrounded by a Cloud of Words Gray.
  5. 6. Consider Other Additions The best way to avoid the surprise of additional costs is by asking and researching in detail about the event’s necessity and the venue’s package deals. Will you need your own videographer that day? Does the venue fee cover clean ups? Is it important to invest on event decorations? Finding answers to these small details will help to keep the extra costs at bay.

When it comes to planning for a corporate team building, it’s all about detailed preparation. Everything from finding a suitable activity and securing a budget to preparing an event timeline is important. Just remember to keep it fun and exciting for everyone in the company.