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Would you rather be covered with sweat at the gym or covered with clothes at the beach? Its no secret that losing weight is hard and painful. But what if I tell you that losing weight is more of a mental challenge than physical one.


There are a lot of ways on how to lose weight, but first it must start with yourself.

Let’s discuss the things that you need to keep in mind on your road to fitness.


  1. Image result for Set a goal Weight LossSet a goal.



Setting small achievable goal keeps people motivated. It helps you keep track about your progress and stay lock in to your target.  Change doesn’t have to be drastic, it starts one pound at a time.



  1. Eating Healthy.

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We often hear this expression when we are talking about losing weight. Proper nutrition is a must in shredding excess weight. Counting calories and food intake has the greatest impact in losing weight. There’s a fine line between starving yourself and eating enough.


  1. Exercise.

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Burning calories help you maintain or get rid of those fats. Exercise is good for your mind and body. Exercise comes in different styles and forms. It could be in a form of jogging, mountain climbing, running or basically just walking. Just make sure that you are mobile because your body needs it.


  1. Mental toughness.

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As mentioned at the beginning, weight loss is more of mental challenge than physical one. The desire and motivation to be better should be at its peak. Constantly challenging yourself will bring the best out of you. Never settle for less if you know you can do more.


  1. Have fun and reward yourself.

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Losing weight should be fun. You have to enjoy each step of your fitness journey until you reach your goal. Get a new pair of running shoes as your motivation to run more. Buy a new shirt or dress to show your new physique and highlight your progress.



Overall, weight loss should be considered as a habit. We must understand that it is not an overnight change. It is a day to day routine that needs to be done in order to achieve the better version of you.