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If you’re a man in this modern day and age, you’ve probably been awakened to the realization that skin care isn’t just for women. Who said that taking care of skin is a responsibility exclusive for women, anyway? All things considered, men actually need to care for their skin more aggressively because they’re significantly more prone to oil and dirt. You might be thinking it’s time for you to switch up your daily skin care routine, in exchange for something a little more robust to answer the needs of your skin. But what exactly do you need to change? Find out how to turn heads every time you walk by with this effective 5-step skin care routine, developed just for men like you.Related image

1. Exfoliate with Facial Scrub – First things first: you need to exfoliate. If you’re not familiar with the practice, this basically means you need to rub away any excess dirt, oil, or dead cells from your skin to uncover the healthy and undamaged layer underneath. Use an exfoliating facial scrub and work away any dirt and filth from your face. Rub gently and thoroughly to make sure you cover all areas for an even and smooth finish. This will serve as the base for the rest of the products you’ll use throughout the process.

2. Apply Beard Oil – No, your shampoo won’t work the same way on your beard as it does on your hair. If you’re the kind of guy who likes growing a beard, you should know that it takes a lot more to nourish facial hair. Using beard oil on your beard and mustache will help keep the hair strands easy to manage and neat-looking. That way, you don’t have to walk around with a strange looking cloud of hair attached to your chin. Apply beard oil generously and make sure every strand is evenly coated.Image result for Use Under Eye Serum for men

3. Use Under Eye Serum – Because men are more likely to develop dark circles under their eyes, it would be smart to prevent it from happening altogether. To avoid looking like a zombie at work, spread some under eye serum and massage it for 30 seconds into the skin for maximum absorption. To get the best out of the process, be sure to purchase the best under eye serum on the market. Check all your options, and don’t be afraid to buy facial care for men online, where a lot of great picks await smart buyers.

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4. Slather Hydrating Serum – A hydrating serum will prevent little flakes of skin from covering different parts of your face, as well as help maintain oil levels at normal. Apply your hydrating serum generously all over your face and massage it thoroughly, just like the under eye serum. Leave it on for a few minutes to encourage absorption, and then move on to the next step.Image result for Finish Up with SPF Moisturizer for men

5. Finish Up with SPF Moisturizer – Did you know that men are more susceptible to sun-damaged skin? That’s because men’s skin releases much more waste products which react negatively when exposed to harsh environments. The best way to keep your skin protected would be to use an SPF moisturizer that helps lock in moisture, while fighting off any harsh sunlight threatening your skin. We know – men don’t always like long, elaborate skin care plans. That’s why this guide exists! Give yourself a brand new glow and skin that looks healthier than ever. Follow this simple and effective 5-step foolproof plan the next time you start your day.