Do you dream of singing on stage in front of people? Do you wish you knew how to reach those high notes? Singing, like most things in life, is a skill that can be perfected through diligent study and practice.

Often developing this skill requires the help of a gifted teacher.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should take up a vocal class in Singapore today.







  1. It’s Great for Your Health

Did you know that singing on a regular basis is known to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and release feel-good hormones called endorphins? That’s not all, but when you sing in a collective group, it can help to foster a sense of belonging and community.







  1. Music Boosts Memory

Studies abound which demonstrate the fact that music stimulates and improves memory among those studying music and engage in vocal training. Students who study music also show better retention, math skills, and alertness than their peers.








  1. It Reduces Your Chances of Going Deaf

Musicians aren’t likely to suffer from age-related deafness or degeneration of their ability to hear compared to their peers who have never studied music.








  1. It Boosts Self Esteem

Taking up a vocal class in Singapore will prove to be a challenging and rewarding experience. As you develop and improve your ability to sing, you will also notice that your self-esteem increases. There is something about mastering a skill that causes our brains to release dopamine which in turn makes us feel better about ourselves.







  1. Great for Helping with Language Skills

Singing will contribute to improving the way you speak regarding expression, diction, and tone. You will also find that you speak with more clarity. Your listening skills will also develop accordingly, and you will be able to pick up on speech inflections which may otherwise go unnoticed. In other words, you become a better conversationalist.




So when all is said and done, taking up a vocal class in Singapore will help improve your health, your memory, reduce chances of you going deaf with age, and also make you a better conversationalist. These are awesome reasons, so take up a vocal or singing class today!