For Singaporeans who are the type to care about nature, shopping for sustainable furniture should be one of the top priorities when it comes to home decorating. With so many furniture stores to choose from in Singapore, it can be challenging to shop for eco-friendly furniture, especially ones that also have decorative purpose and trendy look. Check out the five best places to buy eco-friendly furniture:








  1. Ethnicraft


FSC-certified Ethnicraft, one of the leading eco-friendly furniture stores in Singapore, offers sustainable home furniture made of solid teak wood with contemporary and timeless design. The store also provides complimentary maintenance services, disposal services, and varnishing services. Check out the many trendy furniture pieces at the store’s website,








  1. d-Bodhi


d-Bodhi’s furniture are mainly made of teak wood, with added materials for finishing like used denim jeans, old boat woods, old license plates and recycled galvanized iron. The brand’s furniture features a fun minimalist and urban look.








  1. Eco Links


Eco Links’ products range from furniture to lighting and home accessories. Their furniture are mostly made using traditional European and American techniques as well as modern technologies.








  1. Originals


Staying true to its name, Originals feature a collection of traditional pieces made of natural wood and other recycled materials, with contemporary designs. Aside from carrying their own line of furniture, the store also offers other renowned international and Singaporean eco-friendly furniture brands, as well as a specially curated line that features furniture pieces that are sourced from around the world.








  1. Haleywood


The majority of Haleywood’s products are made of oak. Some of their designs can be made with other types of wood by request. The brand’s signature look features a sleek minimalist design.



Some of these eco-friendly furniture stores offer online shopping for ease, custom furniture design, and international shipping at various rates. Prior to placing an order, be sure to determine the measurements of the furniture, as well as the space or room you have at home.