finding location meet needs

One of the more difficult parts of renting property is Singapore is finding a location that meets all of your needs. This is true whether you want a flat through the Housing and Development Board, or HDB, or whether you want a sprawling house filled with amenities. You do not want to waste time searching fruitlessly for a place. You should know about a few smart tips that will help when you are searching for a rental property in Singapore.


Explore Different Neighbourhoods

The first tip is to start exploring neighbourhoods on your own even before looking at rental property listings. Pick out a few neighbourhoods in Singapore that would be optimal for your lifestyle. This means they are close to your job or school and are near transportation or amenities. Find other neighbourhoods that would make good second choices. Visit those neighbourhoods, walk around and get a feel for what they are like. This will let you make faster and better decisions when searching for rentals.

explore neighbourhoods

Search through an Online Property Portal

search online property portal

Do not waste your time looking at local ads or walking around Singapore in the hopes of finding a place to rent. You need to search through an online property portal. This type of website allows you to search thousands of real listings in a matter of minutes. You can drill down and just view studio apartments if you want. You could also find spacious condominium in a specific neighbourhood. Online property portals are a convenient, efficient and effective way to find and compare rentals in Singapore.


Look At the Surrounding Buildings or Apartments

look at surroundingsBad neighbours can ruin your ability to enjoy a rental property for as long as you are there. You do not want to make the mistake of renting a place in Singapore without knowing what is happening in the surrounding buildings or apartments. Try to assess what is happening with the neighbours. Look at the condition of the other buildings or flats. Listen for arguing or distracting noises while viewing the property. Try to come back at night to see if the neighbours are loud. This can prevent many potential problems after moving into a new rental.


Check the Paperwork Thoroughly

check paperworksYou must thoroughly check any paperwork related to renting a property that you like. If you have successfully found a couple of HDB flats in Singapore through an online portal, then check that they can be legally rented. Review every line of the rental agreement and ask for clarifications of confusing parts. Look through the inventory of contents to ensure everything is listed and in order. If anything seems odd, unreasonable or out-of-place with the paperwork, then consider asking for changes to the documents. Abandon that rental property if you are not comfortable with the terms in the paperwork.

You could be spending many years in the rental property that you choose. You need to dedicate time and resources to locating a place that is a good fit for your lifestyle. Do not just accept the first rental that is offered to you. The effort that you put into searching for the right rental property will pay off greatly in the coming years