Korean make-up gurus have been spot-on when it comes to attracting the world’s attention to new and exciting trends in cosmetics. It’s not just K-pop that’s making a hit. And the best thing is, the new look from South Korea is easy and quick to achieve. Here are six quick tips for helping anyone get that special je ne sais quoi.

1. Start with a youthful glow. 
Begin the make-up process each day by applying a spritz of a good primer. This will hydrate the skin, hide any pores or small flaws, and keep make-up fresh and in place all day. A Banila Co primer, called Prime Primer Classic, is one to try.
2. Try the new cushiony foundation 
The air cushion or cushion compact has got to be one of the most spectacular new products on the market. Both the applicator and the product are revolutionary. It gets its name from the fact that one just pats the compact to her skin, and the container dispenses the amount of foundation she needs. The VV Bouncing Cushion from Banilo Co, for example, contains a collagen-rich foundation that both hydrates and protects.
3.Trendy facial contouring is a breeze to achieve 
The current South Korean ideal face-shape is the oval, or V-shaped outline. If one’s face is not naturally shaped this way, a bit of lighter foundation on the bridge of the nose, chin, and center of the forehead will go a long way to helping develop an oval look. Missha offers some excellent items to try, such as their M Prism Fitting Glow Foundation.
4. Glowing skin gives a youthful flair. 
After foundation and facial contouring is in place, a real glow can be given the complexion by an application of the right blush. The secret is to keep the application of blush very light; the current Korean look is pale, pale, pale, so don’t overdo.
5. Draw the eye to the lips with gradient colours. 
One of the newest trends in lip colour is the gradient lip. The interior of the lips is coloured a darker shade than the edges, so it’s best to apply the two colours with a brush. A collection of related hues such as those offered by Etude House products for lip would be perfect.
6. Aigyo Sal create a youthful effect. 
It’s the latest look: bags under the eyes! Well, they aren’t exactly bags, but more a slight rounding of the skin under the eyes, with no dark discoloration, that gives the face a cheerful and optimistic glow. They are easy to try out of oneself: a matte eyeshadow slightly darker than the complexion, along with a bit of highlighter, will achieve the look.
7. Puppy Eyeliner 
Here’s another way to look very trendy. Unlike the “cat eye” look, when the eyeliner tilts up a tiny bit at the corner of the eye, the puppy eye is achieved by letting the eyeliner dip down just a bit at the corner. One of the 3CE eyeliner products will make it easy to do this.
It’s never been easier to get the latest look, and when one tries out the new Korean make-up styles along with some of the top Korean cosmetics, a stunning surprise is just around the corner.