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Who says Valentine’s Day is strictly for lovers? There are lots of reasons to celebrate being single. If you and your friends are tired of the same old emphasis that’s placed on love and relationships when V-Day comes rolling around the corner, you should consider throwing a singles party just for you and your favorite crew. Wondering what you can do to help put together and plan a successful party just for the singles? Follow these 5 tips for a guaranteed good time on the day of love.

  1. Focus on Pampering – One of the best things you can do during a singles party would be to pamper your guests and make them feel cared for and loved, by giving them a relaxing experience to relieve the stress and pressure they might be feeling. Put together a refreshing spa date for you and your crew, and buy some body bath products that you can experiment with and use on each other for a fun-filled spa experience at home.Image result for favorite classic movies to watch and enjoy throughout the night.
  2. Screen Fun Movies – For entertainment, you can put together a list of your favorite classic movies to watch and enjoy throughout the night. Avoid anything that focuses on romance, and try to maintain entertainment as your main concern. Look for the best comedy films, and even a few horror flicks, to help keep blood pumping and all eyes on the screen during movie hour.
  3. Leverage Snacks – There’s no need to prepare an elaborate dinner if you’re not having a romantic meal for two. To keep you and your friends full and satisfied, consider putting together a spread of different finger foods and snacks. Try out a few quick recipes for filling finger snacks like sausages, salad, and homemade chips and dip to reduce the stress of slaving over a hot stove.
  4. Stock Up on Bubbly – Whether it’s wine or champagne you plan to have as your main drink, be sure to have enough of it stocked up in your kitchen, to keep you company throughout the night. Keep the drinks free flowing, and try to match your choice of wine with the right dessert and snacks; like cakes and cheese, to help make the most of the flavor and experience.
  5. Ready the Environment – There’s something about big fluffy pillows, thick blankets, and a laid back environment that encourages story sharing and conversation. If you want to keep your guests happy and comfortable enough to share their stories and experiences, be sure to ready your living room for the party. Move away bulky furniture that could take away the relaxing feel, and lay out a big fluffy blanket for everyone to share and sit on during the party. Throw in lots of pillows, and light some candles to keep the mood relaxed, so you can enjoy each other’s company well into the wee hours of the morning.

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about lovers – sometimes, it’s about a bunch of good friends having an equally good time. Remember these 5 tips the next time you plan a V-Day party for you and your gang, and celebrate love in your own unique and fun way.