Wood furniture can add elegance and style to any home in Singapore. You need to know how to maintain that furniture. If you are not taking the right steps, then the wood could crack or the finish could wear away. Here are some secrets to keeping your wood furniture looking attractive for years to come.

Dust Wood Furniture Every Day 

Start by dusting your wood furniture every day or two depending on use. Dust in your Singapore home can accumulate fast on wood furniture. It is attracted to the surface. The dust is actually harmful to the finish and can wear it away slowly over the course of a year or two. You want to dust the exposed areas of the furniture frequently to keep them clean and free from dust. Use a soft, clean duster to do this.

Stay Away From Chemical Cleaners 

A big secret about keeping your furniture in Singapore looking attractive is to stay away from chemical cleaners. You do not want to risk using any harsh products that contain strong compounds. All you really need is some dish soap and some warm water. Mix the two together and then wipe down wood furniture with a soft, clean rag. Dry the furniture afterwards to ensure the liquid does not warp the surface or damage the finish.


Put Wood Furniture in a Safe and Stable Place 

Wood furniture is vulnerable to many things in Singapore such as dry air from cooling systems, moisture and even sunlight. Your furniture could degrade fast if you keep it in the wrong location. Put your furniture in a spot where direct sun will not hit the surface. This protects the finish. Keep it far from vents and air conditioners. You also want to keep it out of areas where the humidity could rise fast like bathrooms.

Apply Soft Paste Wax Regularly 

You want to apply soft paste wax to your wood furniture on a regular basis. This simple process will protect your furniture from the hazards commonly found in Singapore. Applying wax to dining room furniture will protect the surface against staining, scratches and moisture. You want to use the soft paste wax around once every one to three months. Use it just after you do a thorough cleaning with water and dish soap when the wood is dry.


Remove Metal Hardware When Cleaning It 

One last secret is to remove any metal hardware when you need to clean it. This could mean the metal handles on a wood cabinet or brass knobs on an end table. Take the hardware off and clean it separately with metal cleaners. Replace it once the hardware has dried fully. This is important because metal cleaners can damage the wood around the hardware leading to unattractive discoloured areas.

Your wood furniture needs special attention in your Singapore home. If you neglect it for too long, then your furniture will start to take on an unattractive and worn appearance. Use these secrets to ensure that your wood furniture maintains its natural beauty for a very long time.