As robotics and technology advance at an ever increasing rate of development, so shall our lives become less involved with laborious tasks. One of the portable household fixtures, the vacuum cleaner, is making leaps and bounds into automation and homeowners are loving it. There would be no market for a vacuum that costs as much as a car but still does the same job, so here are the best options on the market that will save you a whole lot of time while not breaking the bank. If, like the average homeowner, you can only motivate yourself to vacuum 2-3 times a week consider one of these three tips.


One of the better known models that are available that will not just push dust around your floor is the Roomba. It is small, quiet, and performs well in industry tests. Probably the best feature is the wondrous amount of technology they packed into a container smaller than a trash can lid. The Roomba navigates and cleans your floors by creating a digital map from visual and acoustic sensors. Don’t be scared though, this vacuum is very user friendly and promises to run unassisted cleaning cycles to your preference.


Neato VX-21 
Another high quality contender for your cleaning chores is the Neato VX. A fun looking machine with all the bells and whistles you expect with a robotic cleaner. The flat front and rounded backside may look odd, but the functions make a lot of sense when it comes to problem areas such as corners and edges. Other cleaners navigate rooms in a somewhat random array. The Neato is laser guided, so straight lines, and will propel itself head first into corners and along baseboards to ensure maximum cleaning area. This machine is programmable to different times and days and performed best at tackling pet hair.
More than just a vacuum cleaner, the Iclebo also houses a wet mop function in its compact frame. This feature is not the only thing they managed to challenge the established cleaners with, it also has a remote control. Rather than relying on just the robot to learn your room, a user can take control and guide the vacuum to areas that need heavier cleaning. That said, the Iclebo has its own technology and sensor arsenal so supervision is not necessary.

Robotic vacuum cleaners provide health benefits as well as time savings. Allergens and dust mites reside on your surfaces. Allowing a supplemental clean can reduce allergy flare-ups while improving the overall cleanliness of your home or office. Forget what you remember of the Jetson’s cartoon housemaid Rosie, robotic cleaners are here now, for you.