Many parents enrol their children in music class to add some skill in the child’s checklist. However, adding a new skill may not always be necessary for adults. Although you may not need to list this on your CV, there are a lot of other benefits to learning an instrument that adults sometimes overlook. Here are seven good reasons why you should enrol in a music class in Singapore:








  1. It improves your memory

Learning how to play an instrument requires focus and memorization. You need to understand the notes and where your fingers should be to achieve a particular tune. These steps stimulate the brain, therefore increasing your brain’s memory capacity.







  1. It enhances your time management skills

Practice is the name of the game when learning to play an instrument. And it must be done regularly. To do so, you would need to find time in your busy schedule for your practice sessions. This helps you manage your time more wisely.








  1. It teaches patience

Let’s face it: you will not become a maestro overnight. You will have to start with baby steps, before moving to more complicated chord combinations. Each process involves a meticulous study that takes months, even years, to master.








  1. It lets you focus more

We easily get distracted with the availability of social media and entertaining videos online. However, learning to play an instrument also means doing away with unproductive activities, and focusing on more important tasks at hand.







  1. It improves your creativity

When was the last time you actually got creative? With work always in your mind, there is hardly a way to express yourself. Playing an instrument can help you out in this aspect.







  1. It improves your listening ability

You won’t be able to play well if you cannot listen intently. The first step to playing an instrument is by listening to how a good tune is played. This way, you’ll be able to differentiate whether you are doing it right or not. It is a skill that will enhance the longer you practice playing your instrument.








  1. It reduces stress

Probably one of the most significant advantages of playing an instrument is that you will be relieved of strain and anxiety. Music can heal the soul, as they say.



It may take a while before you master playing an instrument. It will require a lot of investments, both material-wise and emotion-wise. But once you do master it, you will feel immense satisfaction at being able to produce your own music.