A home is a place where you can both live and relax. It is also a place to show off your inner fire and your own decorating view of the world. You may have a liking for contemporary style with lots of metal and glass that calls to mind the modern industrial world. Or, you may prefer something a bit softer with slightly rounded edges and the use of marvellously vivid fabrics. May people like you prefer to have a style that is a bit of both and allows them to have some modern pieces while still paying homage to the past. One of the best ways to marry your styles is with wood.


An Age Old Tradition

Wood has been used for furniture making for centuries. For a long time, people around the world have admired how a well-crafted table can show off the inner grain of a slab of wood or how the graceful lines of a wood chair can help call to mind the original tree. Wood has been used in every room in the home. You might want to purchase living room furniture that includes a low, table with sharp angles to help show off the room’s interesting lines and high ceilings. A long, thin side table can also bring out the intimate lines of an L shaped sofa in Singapore or the sprawling expanse of a chaise in the corner.



Types of Wood

Many kinds of woods are used in the creation of wood furniture. Some of the most popular are pine, maple and bamboo. Wood furniture is also made from a combination of woods that may be used on various pieces to help add colour and interest. When you are looking for wood furniture, you should aim to find items that are pleasing to your own eye as well as likely to last a long time. Look for wood that is smooth and even with no visible cracks. A piece of wood furniture will often be dyed with a staining material. This helps add a protective layer to the wood to protect it against any further wear and tear. The staining can also add a layer of elegance as well as it can show off the fine graining that is common to many woods.



Finding Inspiration

Wooden furniture can be found in many places including online. An online furniture store in Singapore might offer wood furniture made from woods that are more widely used in this part of the world such as teak. Buying pieces of wooden furniture from many varied places in different countries can be an excellent way to create a style that is entire yours and yours alone. This a great way to have a living room that demonstrates your own interpretation of classic regency style or your love of Asian inspired spaces. A series of small wood tables from many different woods can also help add colour in the space and help tie to the world outside your window.