The quality of healthcare in Singapore is the top reason why many people come here for surgeries and other medical procedures. Lasik surgery, for instance, is quite common in Singapore that you will see a number of Lasik and eye center clinics all over the country. Evidently, clinics have their own rates but to give you an idea about Lasik Singapore price, below is a guide based on’s 2017 update:


Assessment costs

Pre-Lasik Evaluation is crucial to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of surgery. Take note that the cost of the evaluation will depend on your age group. At the ClearVision Eye & LASIK Clinic, the evaluation for people aged 18-45 costs around $25 while the evaluation for patients aged 46 and above costs $90. The assessments are usually more expensive for elderlies in all Lasik clinics since more complications come as people age.

Treatment costs

The surgery itself is priced the same for all age groups. But it can go higher if you prefer a custom operation. A standard Lasik surgery ranges from $3,000-$3,600 for both eyes. In a typical procedure, your eye surgeon will use an older computer program for the excimer laser. It shapes your cornea based on your glass prescription. This will be enough to correct forms of refractive errors, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Meanwhile, a wavefront or custom Lasik surgery ranges from $3,800-$4,300 for both eyes. Wavefront is more costly than the normal Lasik because it uses a more sophisticated kind of technology in reshaping the front surface of the eyes. A custom Lasik surgery is ideal for people who want the best possible vision results. It is also considered safer than the standard procedure.

Other Treatment

Your eye doctor may offer optional treatments post-surgery. It includes medication, enhancement exams, and post-operation reviews. Your doctor may prescribe mild pain reliever in case you feel any discomfort after the surgery. Optional treatment costs around $200-$300.


All in all, you need at least $4,000 for a standard Lasik surgery and $5,000 for a custom Lasik surgery. If you are committed to undergo Lasik surgery, visit a Lasik center in your area to inquire about their services.