Shopping for groceries online and having them delivered right to your door in Singapore is incredibly convenient. Shopping online also requires a slightly different approach than shopping in a brick and mortar storefront. Here are some ways to save money and avoid problems when shopping for groceries online.

when shopping for groceries online in Singapore

Look Through Everything before Making a Purchase

One mistake you should not make when shopping for groceries online in Singapore is adding items to your basket before exploring everything. You want to look through all the pages in a category just to check if there is something better available. Some of the items on the first page under a category could be high-priced name brand items. If you dig a little deeper, then you might be able to find something that is a better value. Always go through all the pages when shopping online.

Know the Unit Price When Comparing Products

Something to understand is that you cannot compare just the listed prices for items if you are looking for the best deals possible. You need to figure out the unit price for the items you want. Take the size of the grocery item and calculate a way to measure just one unit of it. This means a single can in a pack of soda or a single gram in a box of something larger. Divide the price by the number of single units in a product to get the unit price. Compare unit prices because some items that seem a little more expensive online might actually be better deals when it comes to unit price.

Be Aware Of Your Storage Space

You must be aware of the amount of storage space you have free in your Singapore home or apartment. Clear out your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets to see just how much you can store. This is important because you could be wasting food if you order more than what you can safely put away. Calculating your available storage space will ensure that your food can be put away properly so that it lasts for as long as possible.

Try Generic or Lesser Known Brands

Most commercials and advertising for grocery products show name brand items. You end up paying more for name brand items in Singapore because there is a premium attached to the name. Try some generic or lesser-known brands in order to save money. The quality of generic brands is often exactly the same as the name brands. Some generic foods are actually produced at the same facilities as the name brands and just packaged differently.

Be Home When Your Order Arrives

One final tip to avoid problems is to be home when your order arrives. You want to be around in person for the grocery delivery in Singapore so that you can review everything you ordered. Look through the bags or boxes and make certain that nothing is missing and everything is correct. If you do this when the order first arrives, then you can address any mistakes immediately.

Take your time when perusing the online grocery store website. Look at all your options and pay attention to possible discounts and specials. If you follow these basic tips, then you are going to be able to lower your grocery bills and avoid problems every time you place an order.