Constantly checking if there’s premature growth of grey hair in your head is very troublesome. You have to be mindful about it every single time. You pluck one today and seven will grow back tomorrow. You don’t do something about it and they will invade your scalp like an angry horde of barbarians. You see, plucking your premature grey hair is never the answer to begin with. So in order for you to finally win the war against the embarrassing grey hair, you need to understand what causes it.


What’s the big deal about grey hair anyway?

Getting grey hair is part of a natural process of life called ageing. As we grow old, our skin and hair lose melanin, an important component which gives our hair its natural black color or pigment. Without it, our hair would get its grey or white appearance.


The big issue right now is that many people get it while they are still young. They think, “we’re not supposed to have it because we’re still young”, or something along those lines. What you need to know about grey hair is that it is caused by different factors. These factors are stress, lack of nutrients, exposure to harsh chemicals, and genetics.



Okay. So How Do I Get Rid of My Premature Grey Hair?


Genetics play a big role on how our physical appearance develops as we grow old. If your family or your relatives have grey hair that has grown prematurely, your chances of having one is definitely high. Unfortunately, this is something that you can’t do anything about. You can, however, conceal its presence by dyeing it black or any color you want. For those who do not have the genetic disposition however, getting grey hair is indeed scary.


Here are some things that you can do to get rid of your annoying grey hair:


  • Avoid using hair care products with harsh chemicals. You want to look attractive therefore there is a need for you to have different hair styles every week. You need to remain fashionable at all times, we get it. But frequently exposing your scalp and hair to hairsprays, gels and other hair products will definitely result in an adverse reaction. By doing so, you are depriving your hair of proper nutrients that help it keep its naturally dark color. So remember, for darker and healthier hair, you must use less hair care products.


  • Take a break. Why do you stress yourself out? You work very hard but look at you; you’re getting prematurely old in the process. If you are stressed, the hormone production in your body fluctuates. This increase or decrease in hormone production affects your hair as well. Just relax for a while and rest your body.


  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods not only during payday but like, every day! Proper nourishment helps you keep your hair in its natural pigment as long as possible. Also, make sure that you take dietary supplements to help you restore lost essential nutrients.


  • Seek the help of hair professionals. If you can’t keep premature grey hair from growing, then just go to a professional salon and have it dyed any other color. You can get brown, black, red or whatever hair color you want. Because they are professionals, they can give you the look you want while making sure your hair is not damaged in the process.


Delaying the appearance of grey hair in our heads is surely an easy task as long as we thoroughly understand its underlying cause. Doing this will reduce the risk of harming our hair rather than treating it. Also, always remember to have plenty of patience as you undergo treatment because not all people have the same reaction to the same treatment. You will get the result that you want in due time, as long as you are doing it right.