ce5797543f23d9cafcf08496dda167c8In Singapore as in other western-inspired traditions, bridesmaids are part of the official bridal entourage in a wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids form the core of the bride’s trusted and reliable troopers to ensure that formalities of the nuptial ritual are strictly adhered to with no hitches. Dressed in matching, if not identical outfits, the bridesmaids lend color and glamor to the occasion.

If you are more on the practical side to save on time and energy, you have the option to go for gown rental for your entourage in Singapore. Once you have decided on the color motif or theme for your wedding, choosing the perfect style comes in a breeze. Take these 6 valuable tips on choosing a style for your bridesmaid dresses.

6 Helpful Tips On Choosing A Style For Your Bridesmaid DressesBudgetCalculator

  1. Work Within Your Budget

The primary objective of the budget-conscious bride-to-be is to work within the budget. The bridesmaids’ dresses need not be expensive but still look magical during the ceremony.2016_09_05_11193_1473045692._large

  1. Distinctive Appearance

The style of the bridesmaids’ dresses should conform to the ambiance of your dream wedding. If it’s on the royalty theme, then the dresses should be formal and elegant. Make sure the style blends perfectly well with the venue setting.Features

  1. Features

It would be advisable to have an eye for details. The dresses can be embellished or ornamented depending on the shape or cut of the dress. Beads, rhinestones, laces, or ribbons can add character to a bridesmaid dress.LogoLongandShort

  1. The Long and Short of It

The dresses can be from full-length gowns to structured, short, flowing dresses. But for any length, be certain the dresses emphasize the shapely figures of your ladies.Wedding-Philippines-Weddings-by-Color-Aqua-Emerald-Wedding-Ideas-01

  1. Color and Motif

The bridesmaids’ dresses can come in different shades or hues of your chosen wedding color. It should symbolize what these colors mean for the couple. E3

  1. Feel the Fabric

It is important to select the picture-perfect fabric for the occasion. The bridesmaids’ dresses are not meant to upstage the bridal gown. Whether it is made of chiffon, satin, or silk, the bridesmaids should feel comfortable wearing them.

One beautiful dilemma a bride-to-be has to contend with during wedding preparations is choosing the right style of bridesmaid dresses. When assembled prior to the bride’s first appearance, the bridesmaids should be a sight for sore eyes too. The bevy of beautiful ladies serving as the opening act of the bride’s ceremonial walk must wear stunningly beautiful dresses that make heads turn and jaws drop.  Follow the tips shared above to get these desired effects on your wedding day!