Considered Asia’s Business and Financial Centre, Singapore is all about the mantra “work hard, play hard.” However, it can be difficult to meet like-minded people outside of work. Instead of hitting up bars at Clarke Quay or swiping right on Tinder, here are 5 hobbies to try out to meet new friends and explore a different side of Singapore.

  1. Running – Singapore is a beautifully planned city to explore on foot and running clubs of all types are popping up. You can check out sites like to find the most scenic running routes and join a running club to meet healthy and fit individuals from all backgrounds.You can simply take yoga classes in Singapore and make connections with the people and the practice
  2. Yoga – Yoga studios are dominating the gym scene and more zen-minded people are coming together at yoga meetups and yoga camps you can easily sign up too. You can simply take yoga classes in Singapore and make connections with the people and the practice. It’s an awesome hobby, not just to meet new friends, but also to adopt a relaxed and clear mindset amidst the hurly-burly of work life.
  3. Dragon Boat Racing – Dragon Boat Racing is building up in popularity. Many dragon boat racing clubs are set up to promote a love of outdoors, camaraderie, and a community of friendship and competitiveness all in good fun. Races are usually in beach outside of the city where you get to explore a different side of Singapore.Yoga classes and Dragon Boat Racing is building up in popularity
  4. Volunteering – Why not lend a hand and meet new friends at the same time? There are a number of volunteer meetups in Singapore and get introduced to passionate people who want to make a difference. With a number of volunteer locations to choose from (e.g. hospitals, art galleries, animal shelters), you can meet all kinds of passionate people.Volunteers holding turtle together near river
  5. Hiking – Singapore is more than just a modern city but one of the most well-reserved nature reservoir found in the Wetlands. Hiking allows you explore the Wetlands and be one with nature with new people who have a sense of adventure. Hiking and trekking clubs are easily found online on or simply head to hiking trails and meet fellow adventurers.

These 5 hobbies are among the ton of different ways to meet new people in Singapore. You can easily try one out tomorrow and meet new friends along the way.