5 Pre-Emptive Ways To Regain Focus And Boost Productivity After The Holidays


When you’re too engrossed in work, you may feel tired at the end of the year. Well, most employees look forward to taking a big break from all the paper works, meetings, errands and stresses. This usually happens during the holiday break. Unfortunately, it may take a toll on one’s productivity once he or she gets back to work the next year.

To be able to kick back and hit the ground running when work starts again, you need to become productive. However, this might seem a daunting task since you’re just not ready physically, mentally and emotionally.

First, happy employees make productive employees. Today, turnover rates for employees has been surging uncontrollably. This is because of the lack of happiness the employees feel when they are inside the workplace. Thus, boosting and maintaining the morale of the workers and employees are important to gain a more efficient and productive workplace.


Here are some of pre-emptive ways to boost productivity after the holidays in Singapore:


  1. Take A Break And Explore Singapore

The holiday season is already considered a break, but it’s important to have your alone time, exploring the wonders of the country. You can eat at your favorite restaurant, visit the Art Jam in Singapore, and be creative with loads of activities. By doing this, you’re triggering the creativity in you and boost productivity in time for working.


set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach concept presented on blackboard with color notes and white chalk

  1. Set Goals

Regardless of your status or position in the office, it is safe to assume you have your own goals for the next year. List down and set goals you want to accomplish over the next year. By doing this, you can regain your focus and have something to work hard for.


  1. Reinforce Healthy Habits

Exercising and eating healthy foods may help you become productive and focused after the holidays. Maintain your workout schedule by all means, regardless of the weather or how busy you are at work. Besides, you must have indulged with delicious foods during the holidays so it’s time to burn them all out.


  1. Clean And Redecorate Your Work Station

It doesn’t matter whether you work in the office or a small cube space. This space is yours and you can clean or redecorate it to look more engaging and appealing. Clutter in the office leads to less productivity, so it’s better to make sure the office is clean, tidy and organized to start the new year right.


  1. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Slow and steady is better especially when working after the holidays. Make sure you only bite what you can chew. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much workload as soon as you return for work.


The holiday off is like heaven for most employees who worked hard over the past year. Since they have time to relax, starting the New Year after the holidays might seem impossible. However, this is the time of the year to stand up and move on toward a more productive year.


Be sure you are focused enough to achieve all the goals of not only the company, but yourself too.


Office Bonding Tips For Everyone


You should start working on group activities in Singapore when you are working in a large office. You will get instant results from the things that you plan because they will push your team to learn how to do things together, and they will show you how to get instant results for the things that you need to get done. You can try out a lot of different things, and then you can see which ones really do work the best for you. There are a lot of things that can be done to change the way your office works, and you will see the changes as soon as you get down to what you want to do.

You can schedule everything for your office so that people show up the same times to get this training. They will learn a lot about how they work together, and the people in the office can get to know each other so that they can start being more productive. You will see how everyone does what they do, and you will have a very good idea of how you will manage all the work that needs to be done.


You need to start pairing people up so that they can get to know each other, and you will start seeing natural teams develop. You can turn your large team into a bunch of small groups who are all trained to work together, and then they will learn a lot about how you are supposed to get the work done that is assigned to you. You will have a chance to teach the team exactly what needs to be done, and then you will not have to worry about how you will get everything done. You can keep pointing back to the training to say that this is how you want to do things, and then you will have every chance to make a change in the office that really helps.


Some of your people will go off to use that same information to get better results in their own jobs, and they will often go off to manage other offices. Someone who is trying to get much better results from their team needs to be willing to work together with the team without every a thought. That means that you start doing team building, and then you realize that you have all the time in the world to get things done.

Anyone who is trying to make the most of what they are doing at work should be able to have a way to learn everything in one shot. You can bring people into the office at any time, and then you can put them in these trainings that will get them ready to do anything that they need to do at any time. You have to make sure that you have done all that can be done to help your cause, and you also need to remember that you cannot get a single good result unless you have planned in advance.

Build A Winning Team

teamworkIt’s no secret that the most effective groups, teams, organizations, all have one thing in common. They are close. They are all for one and one for all. They’ve developed a closeness among the participants to where they work well with each other and want to succeed for one another. Getting a group to this point usually requires a conscious effort on the part of the leadership. A plan to bring the individuals together, a game, a common goal and a sense of purpose. Here are some ideas that may help team building in Singapore and team building games in Singapore.


1. Promote Ownership

A wonderful thing happens when an individual take ownership of something. They cherish it. They work hard to keep it and protect it. It’s theirs and they take pride in it. Getting people to feel like its theirs is one of the most important aspects of building a strong team.


employee ownership


Whether is team building in Singapore and team building games in Singapore or training soldiers in the Foreign Legion, getting them to feel like it belongs to them is key. One quick way to accomplish this is asking for their input on some of the policies and direction of the group. Everyone wants to have a say in how the group is run and the direction it’s going. Another way is through promoting leadership. Let the individuals take turns in leading the group. Nothing promotes ownership like being in charge. It’s amazing how an individual changes when he’s now the one everyone is looking at to lead.


have fun2. Have Fun

Everyone wants to have fun. We all know that having fun and having a good attitude is conducive to being productive. So, how do we have fun, promote good attitudes, and increase production? One idea is to create games in the group that bring individuals together. Post a list on a wall for each individual with 3 lies and a truth. Statements about the person that are either true or false. Have a competition within the group to see who can guess the most correct about their associates and award a prize. This is fun and it brings them closer to one another as they get to know interesting and unique things about each other.


team3. Competition

Friendly competition not only pushes a group to succeed, but it brings them together for a common purpose. Try and match your group against another group outside of yours to help promote the cohesiveness and solidarity of yours. Nothing brings people together like trying to beat another group. If there’s no other outside group to compete against, then break yours into smaller units and create a friendly competition. Small units are closer and will further promote closeness within the units themselves.


4. Slogans and Greetings

Create slogans for your group that are catchy and fun. A greeting for all of your individuals to use when the see each other. These further create a sense of pride and help connect the individuals to the group.

Fun Group Activities You Can Do With Colleagues (Right in the Office!)

Your business is going to thrive when you are doing team building exercises in the office. Team bonding in Singapore is going to help you bring the office together for better results, and you need to start trying these things as soon as possible. Try some of these suggestions today, and see if you are not getting a much better result in your office in Singapore.


Talking It Out

Every team needs to get together at least once a month and talk about anything that is not helping the team move forward. There may be small gripes in the office that people need to get past, and everyone who has a chance to talk about them in an open forum is more likely to feel better when the meeting is over. Everyone can get back to their work, and you will not have people in the office with each other over petty things that could have been resolved a long time ago.

Working Together

You need to make sure that everyone in the office is going to have a chance to work together. All your people have their own products that they must start on as soon as possible, but these same people are going to need to learn to work together. You can ask these people to do projects in duos or trios, and these people are going to make new friends and partners that would not have happened otherwise.


Your office needs to celebrate together as much as humanly possible. All the people in the office are looking for ways to feel comfortable with other people at the office, and celebrating is going to help everyone get on the same page when they are together. Celebrating all kinds of different milestones is going to make it so much easier for the office to work together, and all the people in the office are going to remember the different things that they did when they are celebrating together.

Go Out And Have Fun

Everyone in the office needs to get together to do a group activity that is going to be fun for everyone. You will discover that you can schedule these things on your own, and all the people in the office will be more than happy to participate in whatever it is you are doing. This is going to bring the office together, and you are going to get people excited about each new project that they get to do together when they come for the next trip.

Doing all these team exercises in the office is going to make your team much stronger, and you will be able to keep setting up these exercises on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The people who work in your office will get used to the idea of working together in your office every day. You can change the ways that people work together, and you can change the way that people relate to others in the office.

Did You Know 83% of Employees Think Art if Important at Work?

Workplaces seem dreak and dreary oftentimes, unless you are lucky enough to work somewhere that makes you happy. Art can positively change employees and unlock new elements in some workers. Some people downplay the effect art can have, but it is scientifically proven that art increases overall productivity of employees in any given workplace.


Art changes how creative employees are. For some jobs, creativity might not be important; but for most, creativity is an essential part of a manager’s job to help a business or function of a business perform to its fullest potential. After attending school for so long where tests are so important, rather than one’s ability to create new things.

If an employee feels happy while he works, he will probably stay at that company, unless another one offers him a significant increase in pay. Some businesses try hard and exhume resources in trying to make a staff happy, but the remedy of art is too simple for most to believe. Try hanging up art that flows well with the room and provides viewers with a positive vibe.

When selecting artwork, think about ways to associate the business’ likeness with a picture so employees and visitors will hold positive connotations for years to come. Giving people a way to associate emotionally with a company and its image is a sure way to end up making money in the long run. Even if an art piece only influences a few people, it is well worth the cost.

Team building exercises that involve art generally increase the productivity of workers. An employee on company time would much rather paint at an art jam than actually have to work. Art jams gives a group of people a way to paint pictures from scratch. The pictures can either be given to the employees who painted them, given to other employees, or used to decorate the workplace.

Some businesses actually take trips to other countries and include art jams as a part of the experience. Employees can be taken to view breathtaking sights, and allowed to paint the landscape or something original inspired by the landscape. Art jams in Singapore provided by Griness are great team building exercises, for an example of a proper art jam.

Home decor is more important than some employers think. Workplaces that seem attractive to employees even after working there for a long time are few and far between, but it is not hard to have a workplace that comes off as bubbly. Hiring an interior designer is one of the easiest ways to get this done, and most of the time the design process can be completed in one weekend, so designers will not get in the way of employees.

Aside from all the effects in performance art can have on employees, art can also affect how clients view a company. A sports agent may frame picture of football players he currently manages around his office, for example.

Art can really liven up a workplace, and is not expensive to invest in. Art is a great way to connect with employees and clients alike, and is recommended for any owner to implement.