What Hollywood Celebrities Do to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Post-pregnancy weight loss sometimes becomes a goal that frustrates mothers. While every woman is blessed with different body type, you might be wondering how celebrities get their pre-pregnancy figures in a snap. These Hollywood stars may have their own personal trainers or nutritionists, but what they do is not a secret, and you can follow their tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

  1. Start with baby stepsSlimming down would need time, it is a process and time factor is a tip to lose weight

Jessica Simpson shared one of her tips to lose her post-baby weight by taking it slow. Slimming down after pregnancy would need time, it is a process. That’s why Halle Berry created an exercise schedule so she could see the progress of her weight loss. By setting up a goal, it would be a self-motivation for you to lose weight and get the desired pre-baby body.

  1. Follow a healthy diet planOne of the tips to lose weight is by choosing the right, healthy diet plan for you

Another tip to lose weight is by choosing the right, healthy diet plan for you. After her second child, Kim Kardashian did Atkin’s diet, by cutting her sugar and lowering her carbohydrate. Beyoncé also did a strict diet after giving birth to Blue Ivy, by eating low calories and focusing on white meat protein like fish.

  1. Focus on your baby and stay positiveThe tips to lose weight is to focus on your baby and always stay positive

Paying attention to your baby’s priority is one tip you can’t ignore. Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed that she focused on what she eats for the sake of the baby’s health. While creating a goal is important, keeping a positive mind is what you need during the process. Hilary Duff admitted that at times, she wanted to lose her weight immediately, but she realized that appreciating the body change made it easier.

As long as you focus on what matters the most, which is your baby and your health, getting your pre-baby weight after giving birth is not impossible. To know what you’re capable of while following the tips to lose weight is what makes it work. Ask your doctor if there is any restriction for you when it comes to exercise and diet plan before you start the journey.

10 Powerful Tips On How To Shed Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise

Burning the extra fat that has accumulated in your belly requires patience and dedication. You must be willing to put in the time and efforts to exercise as well as eat a healthy and balanced diet. Always keep in mind that there is no shortcut to losing weight. With that said, you need to address the problem with long-term goals. To help you out, here are some very powerful strategies on how to burn belly fat and prevent them from forming again:

  1. Try movement-extensive exercises like brisk walking, jogging, and running. These are great exercises because they put a lot of pressure on your stomach area which means the muscles there get all the workout they need.
  2. Try yoga. Many people make the wrong assumption that yoga isn’t a fat burner because of the slow movements it incorporates. But the truth is it’s quite effective in burning fat, especially in the abdomen area. Try yoga or lift weight to lose your belly fat
  3. Lift weights. There’s a reason why a lot of fitness experts recommend lifting weights for people who want to develop rock-hard abs. It’s very efficient in working out the muscles and tissues in the stomach and chest areas.
  4. Pick a sport as a hobby. Whether it’s basketball, tennis, soccer, or volleyball, you should choose a sport that enables you to move and work out your entire body.
  5. Get enough sleep. If you sleep for less than eight hours a night, your body will suffer and lead to an increase of visceral fat levels.  To lose your belly fat you must need to have enough sleep
  6. Drink up on vegetable smoothies. Vegetables contain a lot of belly-busting nutrients that will benefit you in the long run. To give the smoothies sweeter tastes, you can add fresh and sweet fruits in there like strawberries, apples, and bananas.
  7. Start the day with some fiber-loaded oatmeal. Make sure to add some fresh fruits on top of the oatmeal. Fiber-rich foods are effective in lessening fat in your body because it reduces blood cholesterol and feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut. Research also shows that fiber helps in controlling hunger throughout the day.  Start the day with some fiber-loaded oatmeal to lose your belly fat
  8. Drink more fat-burning beverages like matcha green tea, ginger tea, and fresh fruit juices. As much as possible, make the drinks as pure and natural by not putting too many additives like sugar.
  9. Eat whole grain foods. Unlike refined foods, whole grain foods still retain most of their beneficial carbs and minerals.
  10. Use rice bran oil, virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil for cooking. These are healthier and they have minimal effects on the formation of fat in your body.

To maximize the results you get from these strategies, you have to come up with a plan as well as a schedule on how you are going to implement them. For instance, if you are going to take up running, you should decide which time and days you’ll hit the road. Making a schedule allows you to get used to the routine and develop a habit around it. There will come a time when running becomes a habit that it’s very hard for you to miss your schedule. The same can be said about all the strategies discussed above. It’s just a matter of doing them often until they become parts of your daily routines.

5 Time-Saving Tips on Choosing a Slimming Centre in Singapore

Finding a slimming centre in Singapore can be a breeze, as there have been an increasing number of such places in the recent years. Choosing the best one for you, though, could be a little tricky. If you can’t decide which one is the most suitable for you, here are 5 tips to get you started.


1) Safety

In whatever you do, your safety should be your number one priority. Find a slimming centre in Singapore that has good reputation and can assure you of your safety. While the slimming method itself should be safe, you can also check to see if the personnel has the proper accreditation, authentic certificates, licenses, and/or clearances. By looking at their credentials, you can decide to choose from the various centres wisely.

2) Duration

Check whether the duration of the slimming programs best suit your needs. Decide on how much time you can spend on the treatment and how long you can wait before seeing the results. Some slimming centres offer programs that last from as short as a week to as long as a couple of months, depending on multiple variables (proposed methods, availability of slots, your own schedule, etc).


3) Method

In relation to 2) above, the period of time you can/want to spend on the program will lead you to the choices of methods. Once you have set your physical goals, you can decide on the kind of treatment you want to undergo. Some slimming centres in Singapore offer healthy diet-specific programs, while others combine diet, supplements, and exercise. If you want faster results, it is best to opt for non-invasive procedures that target fat tissues in your body.

4) Accessibility

Convenience is a good thing to consider when choosing where to go for your slimming needs. Choose a slimming centre that is accessible from your workplace or home, always available to attend to your needs, has operating hours that fits your schedule, and communicates well with you . There might be some body reactions you need to consult with asap so its important that you know you can fully rely on its services at any given time.


5) Sustainability

Find out if the program they offer can fit in your lifestyle after you have achieved your dream body. Even though the method is effective in making you lose weight, you also need to check how you could maintain that body even after the program is completed.

A quick search on the Internet can already give you the answers to your questions regarding slimming centres; but you are advised to drop by for a consultation at the centre. This way, you can ask specific questions related to the points above and get as many precision as possible. In any case, being well-informed about your decision should significantly help you in choosing a slimming centre in Singapore that fits your wishes and needs.

Weight Loss 101: Tips on How To Be Fit

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Would you rather be covered with sweat at the gym or covered with clothes at the beach? Its no secret that losing weight is hard and painful. But what if I tell you that losing weight is more of a mental challenge than physical one.


There are a lot of ways on how to lose weight, but first it must start with yourself.

Let’s discuss the things that you need to keep in mind on your road to fitness.


  1. Image result for Set a goal Weight LossSet a goal.



Setting small achievable goal keeps people motivated. It helps you keep track about your progress and stay lock in to your target.  Change doesn’t have to be drastic, it starts one pound at a time.



  1. Eating Healthy.

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We often hear this expression when we are talking about losing weight. Proper nutrition is a must in shredding excess weight. Counting calories and food intake has the greatest impact in losing weight. There’s a fine line between starving yourself and eating enough.


  1. Exercise.

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Burning calories help you maintain or get rid of those fats. Exercise is good for your mind and body. Exercise comes in different styles and forms. It could be in a form of jogging, mountain climbing, running or basically just walking. Just make sure that you are mobile because your body needs it.


  1. Mental toughness.

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As mentioned at the beginning, weight loss is more of mental challenge than physical one. The desire and motivation to be better should be at its peak. Constantly challenging yourself will bring the best out of you. Never settle for less if you know you can do more.


  1. Have fun and reward yourself.

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Losing weight should be fun. You have to enjoy each step of your fitness journey until you reach your goal. Get a new pair of running shoes as your motivation to run more. Buy a new shirt or dress to show your new physique and highlight your progress.



Overall, weight loss should be considered as a habit. We must understand that it is not an overnight change. It is a day to day routine that needs to be done in order to achieve the better version of you.


Eating Sweet, Sugary Food Does Shocking Things to Your Body



The most important key in keeping a healthy lifestyle and managing body weight is having a balanced and proper diet. People who want to maintain their slender figures, most especially those who want to shed some pounds must go for nutritious foods that the body need on a daily basis.


Medical and nutrition experts state that a balanced meal consists of the right amounts of macro nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. Protein, which is needed by the body to build, repair, and maintain muscle tissues, can be found in meat, fish and dairy. Carbohydrates, which is used by the body as a source of energy and by the brain as sustenance to keep the mind alert and focused, can be extracted from food rich in starch (complex carbohydrates) such as potato, rice, bread, pasta, and cereals, and in sugar (simple carbohydrates). Fats, on the other hand, are also necessary in a healthy diet as some of these are considered as essential fatty acids for the body’s metabolic processes.


These three nutrients all contain calories which is used by the body to produce energy. Among these, carbohydrates, although it provides the quickest form of energy, has the greatest amount of glucose which is both used by the body right away, and some is stored in the muscles and liver which may be released when the body needs it. The glucose which is not stored is immediately absorbed in the bloodstream and this affects a person’s blood sugar levels. The measure on how each type of carbohydrate affects sugar levels, known as the Glycaemic Index (GI), runs from 1-100 describing how fast or slow each is broken down and absorbed in the bloodstream.

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet with Walnuts.  (PRNewsFoto/California Walnut Commission)

Foods that have a low GI and have a ranking between 0 and 55 are those that are broken down slowly and don’t have a strong impact on blood sugar levels while foods that have a high GI are those with a ranking between 70 and 100 have a sudden impact causing blood sugar levels to rise.


This means that in a daily meal plan, there is a need to go for healthy types of carbs which have low GI. These complex and slower-acting carbs include multigrain bread, brown rice, oats, grains and low GI fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, grapefruit, peaches, plums, mangoes, and bananas.


Aside from having small or no effect on blood sugar levels, low GI food in Singapore has many other benefits which can help a person feel fuller longer and reduce appetite, maintain an ideal body weight, reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes and heart ailments, and also help people with diabetes to control blood sugar levels.


On the other hand, foods that have high GI are known as fast-acting carbs and cause blood sugar levels to rise rampantly. These are the foods that are indeed hard to resist—cakes, cookies, candies, chocolates, soda, and sweetened juice drinks and beverages.


While these so-called “unhealthy carbs” highly affect the blood sugar levels, it doesn’t mean that a person must not eat these foods anymore. The key to maintaining a healthy and sexy figure is always eating everything in moderation. Eating these sweet delights must be that so-called ‘once in a while’ treat each one is entitled to especially after a hard day’s work.