5 Places Where You Can Rent a Piano in Singapore


The piano is dubbed as the king of instruments, not just because of its grandness but the fact you can do more with it than any other music instrument. If you are just starting out in your music class, it’s normal to hear people say that you should make it as your first instrument. That actually makes sense, because the piano can build your musical basics very quickly.


Nevertheless, a piano is one of the most expensive instruments. Any expert will not recommend you to purchase the instrument if you are just starting out with your lessons. A pre-owned grand piano in Singapore costs around $6,000 and up while a used digital piano ranges from $700-$1,500. A great solution to this is to rent one, so you have an instrument to practice on. Here are some of the shops offering piano rental in Singapore:







  1. Music Lodge

They have pianos from well-known brands that can be rented starting at $60 per month. They also have the rental-by-day option, in case you need to have your instrument for an event or a recital.







  1. Piano DoReMi

They have event rentals and long-term rentals available. They will let you borrow their basic upright piano at $60 per month and their premium upright piano at $100 per month.







  1. Steinway Gallery

The shop offers many brands, but as their name suggests, they promote the Steinway & Sons. It is one of the oldest and most-trusted piano brands worldwide. They have a rent-to-buy program that costs $158 per month for this brand.







  1. Renner Piano

Their standard rental rates range from $60-$150 per month, depending on the quality of piano chosen. Aside from studio consoles, they also have semi-professional pianos available for rental.







  1. Aureus Academy

This music school just started renting out their pianos since last February. The rentals cost around $105-$214 per month depending on the model and brand.



If you are all set to rent a piano, contact any of these stores for other important details, such as their minimum rental period, delivery fees, and other costs involved. Almost all these shops require that you rent their piano for a minimum of six months. You may also ask if the rental also comes with tuning services, caster cups, and adjustable piano chair.

The Why and How of Marine Growth Prevention on Ships

Marine Growth Prevention on Ships


Ships have to traverse the sea, so it’s only logical that there are many parts of the ship that are exposed to sea water. Additionally, water is taken into the ships cooling system and pumped out all the time. As a result, many marine organisms pass through the ship’s cooling systems as  well as other parts of the ship exposed to water for extended periods. These organisms often latch onto the surface of the ship and grow there.


The growth and accumulation of marine life on a ship is called biofouling, and if left alone, can cause many problems. For example, they could clog up the channels of the cooling system,  impair the heat transfer system,  cause the rust and thinning of metal pipes and add to the weight of a ship, causing loss of efficiency.


There are several marine growth prevention systems that have been developed, including:







This method uses iron or copper and aluminum anodes which are attached to the main sea chest in pairs

The Electrolytic System 

This method uses iron or copper and aluminum anodes which are attached to the main sea chest in pairs. A DC current is then passed through these anodes which causes them to produce ions that will be carried by the flowing seawater throughout the whole piping system. The ions prevent the attachment and proliferation of sea life on the pipes. Additionally, the iron anodes also help prevent the corrosion of these pipes due to seawater.







There are several types of non-toxic coatings that are used to protect the various parts of the ship

Non Toxic Chemical Coating

There are several types of non-toxic coatings that are used to protect the various parts of the ship. The main principle in these coatings is to form an ultra smooth surface texture on the ship to deprive marine life any texture to attach and grow. These inert and biologically stable coatings consists of polymers that have low surface energy and low friction. They usually come in two classes: hydrophobic or hydrophilic,  depending on the ship’s requirements.








Another method of marine life growth regulation on ships is the use of high frequency sound waves

Ultrasonic Pulses

Another method of marine life growth regulation on ships is the use of high frequency sound waves. These ultrasonic waves discourage the growth of organisms as it renders the pipes and systems unsuitable as habitats. The ultrasonic waves also help mechanically dislodge small creatures who have already anchored and prevents the solidification of bio-adhesives secreted by some organisms to help attachment. These waves are above the human hearing range and is therefore harmless to crew members.







Biocides and chemicals incorporated into the coating of ship parts to deter the growth of marine life


Biocides and chemicals incorporated into the coating of ship parts to deter the growth of marine life. These biocides target the small microorganisms and prevent them from forming a biofilm, which can lead to the attachment of larger and larger organisms, culminating with barnacles.


These marine growth prevention systems are designed to minimize harm to sea life, and ensure that ships do not interfere with, or damage the local ecosystems, ensuring the best scenarios for all.

Apply These 3 Important Techniques For An Absolute Team Building Success

Team BuildingThe thing about team building in Singapore these days is that it’s become just another requisite company event to get your staff to feel good about themselves before you shackle them back to their desks.

Have you ever informed your office about plans for team building days? Were you surprised to hear groans and see grimaces instead of eager faces? The truth is that some employees dread company team building, either because they feel it’s a waste of time or simply because they think it’s lame.

If you want to get employees to enjoy team building (and at the same time up your boss coolness factor) you might want to give these tips a thought:


  1. Avoid Repeating Events The “Trust Fall” might have been fun in the 90s, but you have to remember to keep things exciting and fresh for your office. Consult younger people more hip than yourself to find out what they think is fun, but at the same time, ensure that the events are inclusive to the various people in your company. Also, add an element of mystery by keeping the activities a secret until the day itself.


  1. Outdoors Is In Forget corporate dinners or concerts or indoor entertainment. There are countless companies that you can hire to organize outdoor games for team building in Singapore. The cool kids these days aren’t just hiking or camping. They’re going on treasure hunts, playing bubble soccer (please pretend you know what that is), and sky diving – and all these can be arranged by team building experts.


  1. Go Easy On The Food Singaporeans will use any excuse to eat but make sure you prioritize the activities over the food. Instead of feeding people to the point they’re too lazy or sleepy to participate in activities, reward their efforts with timely, quality meals. After all, the food is going to taste a lot better when they’re tired!


At the end of the day, it’s worth noting that corporate teams these days are multi-skilled, aware and ambitious – hallmarks of the modern competitive employee that can be notoriously difficult to please.

While this might translate to more complicated relationships between team members, it also means that successful team building can reap enormous returns for the company, and make you a very cool boss.

Happy and successful businesspeople, jumping in the air, business concept in teamwork and corporation.

Signs and Symptoms of a Torn Meniscus

A common knee problem experienced by individuals is a torn meniscus, the cartilage that acts as a pad that mitigates pressure on the joint during strenuous leg activities.  When the meniscus is injured, pain and discomfort are common symptoms; in extreme cases, swelling and tautness are visible and the person will have a hard time bending his knees.  Due to these physical warning signs, the injury is often confused with arthritis and the patient would resort to taking pain killers instead of having the area checked by a physician.


To help you take the guesswork out of the equation, here are common signs and symptoms of an injured meniscus:

  1. A minor tear exhibits pain and swelling but not enough to keep the person from walking and running. Given the proper care and rest, the symptoms subside in two or three weeks.  In most cases, the individual would not even know that he had a minor knee injury unless an x-ray is done on the affected area.
  1. Inflexibility of the knee, apart from the common pain and swelling, is usually observed for moderate tears. Pain is localized on the side and center of the knee, causing the person a slight limp in his gait.  The patient is strongly encouraged to refrain from activities that might cause him to accidentally twist his knee.  The pain and swelling may subside but could come back whenever the knee is subjected to too much pressure, including significant weight gain of the patient.
  1. Popping and locking of the knee could mean a severe case of a meniscus tear. These are caused by torn cartilages that have moved to the joint space, making it difficult to straighten the knee after prolonged sitting or squatting.  This type of meniscus injury may take the patient by surprise as the knee may give way without warning.  You need to be given the proper medication and knee support to avoid accidents that may permanently damage your joints.


The person’s regular activities, profession, health condition, and especially age, all come into play in determining the causes and cures of an injured knee.  It is best to see your doctor when you notice recurring discomfort, pain, and swelling in the area.

There are different methods to address this type of knee injury and a doctor would exhaust all efforts to keep the patient from going under the knife.  Most meniscus injuries heal on its own as long as it is given the proper care and rest that the damage normally requires.  A surgery may be needed if the doctor finds that leaving your injury to repair by itself may pose more complications.  Extreme cases of wounded cartilages not addressed properly graduate to osteoarthritis which may eventually cripple the patient.

As always, prevention is better than cure.  Take care of your knees with proper diet, exercise, and rest.  Nothing beats standing on your own two feet.

Easy to follow IT Maintenance Tips

IT is an acronym for information technology. It involves the use of computers, networking, storage and other physical devices. They are used to create or process electrical data. In addition, they store data in a secure way and can allow for exchange. IT is used in circumstances of enterprise programs. It entails the technology of computers and telephones. When running our computers in our businesses, we might experience some problems. They might crash, break down or run slowly. This can affect business productivity. However, with a few IT maintenance tips, you can avoid some of these problems.
Alternatively, find the best IT support I Singapore so that your business will run at its best. IT support firms offer IT maintenance services that will help increase the productivity. Consider those that charge fair prices. It should have the skillful personnel and have a better reputation I the society.

Here are the tips to follow.


First of all, be careful when installing any software. This might be a little bit confusing for you because some applications, for instance, freeware make an attempt of installing additional software to your system. If this is the same, make sure that you do not just click on the pop-ups to continue. Ensure you let it finish loading then click the next button. This way you will have saved yourself a lot of junk.

Delete all the data that you do not use. Delete also junks. This kind of data occupies a lot of space in your system. Find an application that will help you clean up your system so that it won’t be slowed down.

Defragment and survey your hard drive regularly. This will help you notice any errors that might occur. To ensure that your data is standard, in a month run two tests for your hard drive. The first one is defragmented. This will make your system become faster that before. Your files will be arranged properly. The second test is performing a check disk. It checks out for problems in your system and tries to repair them for you.

Ensure that your antivirus program is updated. It does not matter how good it is, if you have not updated it to the latest version, it will disappoint you. Ensure that this application is running and up to date. Your device will be protected from virus and thus run smoothly.
If it happens that you have done everything required, but you lose your data and your system stops working, find the best IT support in Singapore. You will get the necessary help. You machine will also be repaired if damaged

Office Safety Ideas For You


You can set up office security for your business, and you can do everything from iris recognition to intrusion detection system installation. You just need to make sure that you have gotten things done that are going to make everyone safe, and you need to think of what will work the best in your office. Your building is different from every other building, and it is important for these buildings to be designed in a way that makes sense for you. You will be able to use them to do a lot of different things, and you are going to be very safe every day once you have set these things up the right way.


The security in the office is going to be simple because it is going to help you make sure that you are happy with the measures that you have taken. You will be able to use the security system to change access to different parts of the building, and you can even set up something that is going to make it easier for you to get the help you need in the parts of the building that are really sensitive.

SDA-acccess-controlYou also need to make sure that you can set up access to the different rooms in the building. You will find out that you can make it so that you know who is going into what room, and you will be able to make it even easier for you to get the work done that needs to get done because of the way you have set it up. You can ask a service to help you with this, and they are going to show you how to set up everything so that it makes sense.

1 (1)

The best part of this is that it can be set up the way that you want so that you will get the results that you were looking for. The results are going to change based on what you ask for, and you need to see if you can get what you want so that security works the way you think it should. There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they are going to be able to use the systems to stay safe, and it is also going to protect all the things that you keep in the office.


You will be able to lock down your whole building, and you will be able to do it while controlling how people get in and out of all the rooms. This is a very safe way to run your building, and it is a very safe way to watch over all the things that you own. Everyone who is trying to make their building safer can take these tips right now, and ti is going to help when you know that you need to do something more than put new locks on the building. You can get a whole system from professionals who will install it for you.