A Simple Meditation Guide For Beginners: How To Find Inner Peace Through Yoga And Meditation

Many people around Singapore have turned to yoga and meditation so that they can cope with the stressful demands experienced in the millennial mainstream. With a combination of both yoga and meditation, many people find inner peace, immense joy and happiness, allowing them to escape the clutches of a stressful life. By combining a variety of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and deep meditation, a person should find inner peace and cope with this challenging world more with ease.


Below is a handy guide on how people can meditate peacefully while doing yoga.

  1. Relax with yoga postures

Yoga is the beginning part of the meditation exercise. What follows next is the combination of both the breathing and relaxing of the mind. Tapping into the deep, inner part of the energy is crucial when performing any series of meditation. This allows your body, mind, and breath to come in rhythm, channeling each to the source of life deep within. To begin, start with some stretches and yoga postures to make the body light and stable. Follow this with some deep “ujjayi” breaths before jumping to the next stage.

Relax with yoga postures


  1. Calm the mind with breathing exercises

After long series of breathing exercises, you should be able to calm your mind. You should start to notice the impulsive episodes of thoughts becoming blurred and vanishing into oblivion. This means the mind is usually devoid of all mundane pattern of thoughts. In the end, you should be able to achieve a more focused and clear mind that can execute tasks faster than before.

Calm the mind with breathing exercises


  1. And finally, slowly slip into meditation

Now because the body is stable and the mind is clear of all thoughts, it’s time to slowly slip into deep meditation. Allow your mind to shut down and shift into a state of meditation effortlessly, without trying to force or cheat yourself to meditation. Don’t even try to block any dream-like episodes you might be going through. After the mind becomes quieter and undisturbed, you’ll find yourself much in control of things and full of inner peace in the end.

And finally, slowly slip into meditation


In essence, the high levels of stress and tiredness people experience in the workplace every day often make them impatient, unhappy and much frustrated. Even though it’s possible to find inner peace through other means, none can produce better results than those acquired through the combination of both yoga and meditation. These exercises allow you to feel much relaxed, content, and truly grateful for discovering a peaceful new world full of bliss. A simple 10-15 minute yoga and breathing meditation exercise are all you need to overcome your stress and yield other huge benefits. Follow the handy tips shared in this guide to see how the mix of both yoga and meditation exercises can dramatically change your life.


Wondering where to do yoga in Singapore? Depending on the area you’re staying, ask the locals around. You can even look up the top yoga centers around online to start pursuing your journey to happiness and deep tranquility.

6 Simple Ways to Stop Destroying Your Skin Every Day

Stop Destroying Your Skin

If you are like the vast majority of people in Singapore and elsewhere, your daily routine likely causes far more damage to your skin than you ever realized. Throughout your day, you probably undertake several activities that can cause extreme skin damage over time.

Thankfully, some added attention to your daily routine and simple precautions often will counteract the debilitating effects your daily routine has on your skin. Here are six ways you likely wreck your skin and how to fix the problem.


  1. Too Much Caffeine

If you drink coffee, tea or soft drinks, you likely are taking in too much caffeine every day, and that will dry out your skin and cause premature aging. You don’t have to cut coffee and other caffeinated drinks out of your diet, but you need to moderate your intake and enjoy decaffeinated drinks as much as possible.

Too Much Caffeine


  1. Lengthy Hot Showers

A hot shower feels great at the end of a long day of work and play. But the longer and warmer your shower, the more damage you do to your skin by flushing out critical oils and nutrients. That can lead to dry, scaly skin.

You can keep your showers comfortably warm, but short of generating steam, to help preserve your natural skin oils and keep your skin from drying out.


  1. Ignoring Your Neck

Your neck gets more sun exposure than any other part of your body. But like a lot of people, you probably ignore it when you apply face cream and skin moisturizer. Luckily for you, you can buy the best neck cream specifically designed for the rigors your neck undergoes every day.


  1. Too Much Pool Time

Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise, but if you spend too much time in the pool, your skin will suffer. The chlorine typically used to keep pools sanitary also does a great job of drying out your skin. You need to shower and use moisturizer to counteract chlorine’s debilitating effects.


  1. Wearing Dirty Sunglasses

Nearly everyone wears sunglasses in Singapore. But, if you don’t clean your sunglasses, over time sweat and bacteria build up, and that can cause breakouts on your nose and near your eyes. Using rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect your sunglasses will help to keep your nose and face clean and pristine.


  1. Too Much Salt and Sodium

Popcorn and many other snacks and foods taste great with salt on them. But when you take in too much salt and sodium, you expel moisture from your skin. That gives your skin a dull and dried-out look.

Moderating your salt and sodium intake will help. So will a good skin moisturizer, which can counteract the effects of salt and sodium.


Whether you commit some or all of the six common ways most people destroy their skin without knowing it, you can take simple steps to stop it. Simple modifications in your daily habits, combined with using quality skincare products for your face, neck, and body will help to ensure your skin remains soft and vibrant throughout your day.

For Expats: 5 Hobbies to Meet New People and Find a New Passion in Singapore

Considered Asia’s Business and Financial Centre, Singapore is all about the mantra “work hard, play hard.” However, it can be difficult to meet like-minded people outside of work. Instead of hitting up bars at Clarke Quay or swiping right on Tinder, here are 5 hobbies to try out to meet new friends and explore a different side of Singapore.

  1. Running – Singapore is a beautifully planned city to explore on foot and running clubs of all types are popping up. You can check out sites like justrunlah.com to find the most scenic running routes and join a running club to meet healthy and fit individuals from all backgrounds.You can simply take yoga classes in Singapore and make connections with the people and the practice
  2. Yoga – Yoga studios are dominating the gym scene and more zen-minded people are coming together at yoga meetups and yoga camps you can easily sign up too. You can simply take yoga classes in Singapore and make connections with the people and the practice. It’s an awesome hobby, not just to meet new friends, but also to adopt a relaxed and clear mindset amidst the hurly-burly of work life.
  3. Dragon Boat Racing – Dragon Boat Racing is building up in popularity. Many dragon boat racing clubs are set up to promote a love of outdoors, camaraderie, and a community of friendship and competitiveness all in good fun. Races are usually in beach outside of the city where you get to explore a different side of Singapore.Yoga classes and Dragon Boat Racing is building up in popularity
  4. Volunteering – Why not lend a hand and meet new friends at the same time? There are a number of volunteer meetups in Singapore and get introduced to passionate people who want to make a difference. With a number of volunteer locations to choose from (e.g. hospitals, art galleries, animal shelters), you can meet all kinds of passionate people.Volunteers holding turtle together near river
  5. Hiking – Singapore is more than just a modern city but one of the most well-reserved nature reservoir found in the Wetlands. Hiking allows you explore the Wetlands and be one with nature with new people who have a sense of adventure. Hiking and trekking clubs are easily found online on sgtrekker.com or simply head to hiking trails and meet fellow adventurers.

These 5 hobbies are among the ton of different ways to meet new people in Singapore. You can easily try one out tomorrow and meet new friends along the way.

5 Major Health Reasons Why Losing Weight Is Not Your Ultimate Goal

If you’re planning to go on a diet to lose weight, you probably care more about losing all of that unwanted body fat, rather than getting healthier as your primary goal. Unfortunately, many of us tend to do the same thing. We put too much emphasis on losing weight, without considering our health and the side effects or risks that come with improper dieting. Below are the five important health reasons why losing weight is not your ultimate goal (and what to do instead).


  1. Adequate rest

Those who are on an improper diet or crash dieting tend to lose their weight fast, without giving a chance for their body to take a break. This will only make you gain more weight in the long run and eventually exhausts your body. Instead, get plenty of rest and sleep. According to a study, those who received adequate rest and sleep can retain healthy hormonal balance, in turn leaving them less hungry and prevent them from getting cravings or binge eating.

Adequate rest


  1. Reduced stress

The wrong diet can put a lot of mental strain on you, particularly when you urgently need to lose the weight fast and not eating as much. This makes you ‘hangry’, which means hungry and angry. Instead of simply losing weight by not eating as much, try a more balanced diet that nourishes your body and at the same time doesn’t contribute to any weight gain. Give yourself more time to reach your goal, and reward yourself with a healthy snack whenever you deserve it. The more relaxed you are in achieving your goal, the healthier and less stressful you’ll be.


  1. More established exercise routine

Not giving a lot of thought when losing weight leads to massive loss of energy and body nutrients. If you focus more on getting a fitter body rather than just losing weight, you’ll end up with a more established exercise routine. This will benefit you in the long run as it makes it easier for you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only will you end up losing weight, but you’ll also have better heart health, improved muscle development, and increased blood circulation.

More established exercise routine


  1. Increased nutrition knowledge

Your knowledge in nutritional values of food will increase if you put an importance on what kind of food you consume. This will help you in the long run as you know what food to avoid to lose weight and stay healthy. Make increased nutrition knowledge one of your primary health goals rather than simply losing weight.

Increased nutrition knowledge


  1. Higher life expectancy

Many deaths have been reported due to being on the wrong diet. If you make your health your priority instead of just losing weight, you’ll increase your life expectancy by at least five years, provided you stay away from any bad habit. In addition to losing weight, make it your mission to do a regular medical checkup as well.

Higher life expectancy



That said, it doesn’t mean your initial goal of losing weight isn’t important. In addition to eating a balanced diet, getting rid of your bad habit like excessive drinking, working out regularly, getting plenty of rest, and drinking more water to maintain the right weight, you can also make the extra effort to lose some weight by applying a firming lotion. If you’re wondering where to buy a firming lotion, check out your nearest pharmacy or any online beauty stores.

Do You Have Stomach Cancer? Find Out Before It’s Too Late.

Most people are familiar with the common and harmless gastric issues, such as bloating, abdominal pain and gas. Stomach ache is known to be dismissed as it can fade away with home remedies. However, some symptoms can end up developing into more severe cases, one of which is stomach cancer. Stomach cancer develops slowly over the years and is most of the time ignored until it’s too late.



How do you know whether you have stomach cancer? Here are the 10 most common early signs to look out for:

  1. Stomach pain
  2. Abdominal discomfort, especially in the upper part
  3. Poor appetite
  4. Weight loss for no reason
  5. Nausea
  6. Heartburn and indigestion
  7. Vomiting, with or without blood
  8. Swelling in your stomach, which might also be due to fluid build-up
  9. A sense of fullness in the upper abdomen, especially after eating a small meal
  10. Constipation or diarrhea .


However, as you can see, the early signs are hard to distinguish from normal and curable gastric problems. Therefore, if you have identified any persisting combination of these symptoms, the next step is to book a doctor’s appointment for a screening. Some of the tests used to detect stomach cancer are upper endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, biopsy, upper gastrointestinal and chest X-rays, and imaging tests, such as CAT scans, PET scans and MRIs. Often, getting yourself checked is the best and safest way to confirm or reassure any doubts.

Additionally, if you are concerned about a relative or friend that might have alarming similar symptoms, you can bring them to the National Cancer Centre Singapore so that they can know about stomach cancer and go through the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

In the end, stomach cancer is one of the most difficult types of cancer to detect. So, you are strongly advised to listen to your body in order to notice the signs that might give it away.

Understanding Shoulder Pain and How to Deal With It

Closeup of young shirtless man with shoulder pain over white bac


If you live a very active lifestyle, getting injuries such as shoulder pain is completely unavoidable. This injury is quite common to those who are physically active or to those who got involved in an accident. Sometimes, you may even injure your shoulder while performing your normal day-to-day activities. In order to reduce the risk of damaging your shoulders, you need to understand what causes shoulder-related pain and know what to do in case that you get one.


What Causes Shoulder Pain?


There are three major bones that make up the shoulder – humerus, clavicle and scapula. These three bones work in harmony that allows us to move our arms in any way we want. But if these three bones get separated from one another, it will immediately cause a great deal of pain, discomfort, and inability to move or rotate the shoulder. This prevents us from functioning properly.


When getting treatment for shoulder problems, a doctor will conduct a thorough physical examination and complete investigation of your medical history. He will then assess the joint mobility and stability in your shoulder by feeling the tenderness of the muscles. An MRI or X-ray will be required to see the extent of damage inside your shoulders. After doing the necessary tests, only then will he be able to determine the right shoulder treatment for you.


What Should I do If I Injured My Shoulder?


There are a number of ways to manage shoulder injuries that you can try at home. Some of them are the following:

maxresdefault (4)

  • Use an ice pack. Ice will help you control the pain and limit the swelling. Do this for 10 to 20 minutes for about two to three times a day.


  • Utilize an arm sling. A sling will support your shoulder and prevent it from moving. The doctor who will check your shoulder may even recommend you to continue using it.


  • Elevate the shoulder. Keep your shoulder above your heart. You can do so by sitting down on a comfortable chair. This will help you minimize the swelling while allowing the blood to circulate properly.


  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers. Pain medication will help you eliminate any kind of discomfort that comes from your shoulder-related injury.


But these are just first aid treatments that you can do at the onset of shoulder pain. Make sure you seek medical help in order to prevent further damage to the muscles and bones.