There Is Hope For Male Pattern Baldness: Hair Vitamins Can Restore Hair Growth

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Hair loss is a common problem among women, though it could also happen to men. Also dubbed as alopecia or male pattern baldness, it usually occurs when there is an increase in the rate of hair fall that’s not being replaced by new hair growth.

Many men suffer from hair loss especially when they reach a certain age. In fact, according to Belgravia Center, about 40 percent of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. When they reach 60 years old, 65 percent will have hair loss, and by age 80 years old, 85 percent will suffer from hair loss. However, in some men, this may appear earlier than expected.

This condition makes men lose their confidence, and as a result, they usually seek medical advice. There are various treatment options for hair loss or male pattern baldness, but today, good hair vitamins have been gaining immense popularity because of their potency to restore hair growth. What’s in these vitamins?

Vitamin A (Palmitate)

Vitamin A is a potent vitamin and is the powerhouse that contributes to the health of the scalp and skin. It promotes the healthy circulation of blood rich in oxygen to the different parts of the body, including the scalp. When there is an increased blood flow to the scalp, it receives vital nutrients needed by the hair to become strong and long.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Many individuals are not aware that vitamin C helps strengthen hair and make it grow. Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, an essential protein for healthy skin, nails, and hair. Moreover, this vitamin is a potent antioxidant that wards off free radicals that damage body tissue, including the skin and hair.


Biotin is considered one of the most important vitamins you can take to promote hair growth. Also known as B7 or H, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that thickens the hair strand, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Hair vitamins are becoming popular across the globe because they are useful in promoting hair growth especially among men who suffer from male pattern baldness. They promise hair regrowth and eventually, to restore the self-confidence of men who have hair loss.

5 Most Common Hair Problems and Effective Ways to Fix Them

Did you have a bad hair day? People in Singapore face different kinds of hair problems and while this kind of issue is not as big as it seems, it affects our confidence and the way we look at things. There are people who have beautiful-looking locks but they suffer from scalp problems. Some worry about their limp and greasy hair. If you have hair issues that have been bothering you for quite some time now, this post will give you the quick and effective tips to remedy those issues.

  1. Gentle-cleansing shampoos for lack of volume. This can be solved by using volumizing and thickening hair products. But if you want something that is more effective and is easier to maintain, wash it with a gentle cleansing shampoo daily. Getting rid of the dirt, oil, and dust allows your hair to have the desirable volume you want.
  2. Scalp treatment for dandruff. The most effective scalp treatment in Singapore for seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff is usually done in four different steps. An expert will analyze the condition of your scalp before exfoliating and shampooing it. Before the treatment ends, the expert will do the final analyzing to check the condition of your scalp.Scalp treatment for dandruff is effective and it helps to get rid of scalp acne
  3. Coconut oil and lemon juice for graying hair. Your gene is the number one culprit for having gray hair. If you’re tired of bleaching and coloring, try natural home remedies like mixing three teaspoons of lemon juice into coconut oil. Apply it and massage into your scalp before shampooing your hair once a week.
  4. Minoxidil for hair loss. Minoxidil is the active ingredient of many hair growth products on the market. This antihypertensive vasodilator medication does not only slow hair loss but also promotes hair regrowth. If you want something permanent and is not prone to any side effects, a hair transplant is right for you.A women showing on how to use Minoxidil for hair loss to cure our scalp
  5. Hair mask for dry and frizzy hair. Sometimes, using a conditioner is not enough if you have damaged hair. A hair mask is a better cure especially for people who always use flat irons to style their hair.

Aside from these quick fixes, remember that nutrition plays a huge part in the condition of our hair. Always brush gently and don’t expose your hair to chemicals and heat as much as possible. If you want the best quality of hair, do not forget the scalp. Both the hair and scalp play a major role in the health of your hair and general appearance.

What To Do If You Are Starting To Experience Major Hair Loss Problems

Major hair loss isn’t just a physical problem. For a lot of men and women in Singapore who experience it, major hair loss also causes emotional issues like stress, anxiety, and even depression. Losing your hair can easily scrape away at your self-confidence. With that said, it’s advisable that you start looking for remedies the very moment you notice that your hair is quickly thinning. The earlier you seek treatment, the better chances you have in regaining normal hair growth and thickness. So how do you deal with these problems? Here are some tips that may help you out:

  1. Seek the help of an expert on hair care. This is the first thing you should do so that you will know how to proceed. Many people often make the mistake of trying to solve the problem by themselves and they usually end up making the problem worse.Seek the help of an expert on hair care by getting hair treatment in SG
  2. Try natural remedies. Trying natural solutions for hair loss is worth it because the ingredients are often readily available. These natural solutions include applying any of the following on the hair and scalp: onion juice, coriander juice, fenugreek seeds with yogurt.
  3. Cut back on your usage of devices like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons that may contribute to the loss of hair strands on your head. If you use these devices everyday, they can dry out your hair and make them too brittle. Cut back on usage of hair styling devices and treat your hair in healthy way
  4. Improve your hair health through scalp massage. It’s a well-known fact that the health of your hair largely depends on the health of your scalp. Many salons and clinics offer massages that can reinvigorate your scalp.
  5. Try medication that helps in restoring hair growth. There are certain types of medications that promise to restore hair grown on your scalp. These include minoxidil and finasteride. However, you should always consult with a professional first before you start taking these medications.Try medication that helps in restoring hair growth for treatment makes your hair strong and healthy

Always keep these tips in mind if you are having hair loss problems. Instead of thinking about the negative image caused by thinning hair, you should focus your attention on finding remedies and treatments. The good news is that getting a hair treatment in Singapore isn’t that difficult because of the availability of hair clinics and wellness centers in the city. You have a lot of options to choose from. The trick is to find the strategies and procedures that work well for you, then stick with them on the long run.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?



You may have tried everything you can to rescue your tresses from falling out but always end up with a clump of hair on your hair brush, your towel, or the shower drain.  What could be wrong?

When you know what’s causing your hair to fall out, half the battle is already won.  So here are the most common reasons why your hair has started thinning out sooner than it’s supposed to and what you can do to prevent it.


  1. Stress
    Trauma caused by an accident, pregnancy and childbirth, or simply due to your demanding work environment can lead to a shock in your hair cycle. This type of hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium; it is when hair roots are pushed out of your scalp too soon.  A physician’s intervention may be needed when the person is not able to manage the stress on his own.


  1. Lack of Protein
    The body makes up for the protein loss by decreasing its supply to your hair. Increase your protein intake to help your tresses grow longer, thicker, and healthier.


  1. Male Pattern Baldness
    Like premature grey hair, Male Pattern Baldness is largely considered genetic. It can be arrested with the help of topical creams and natural remedies from plants like aloe vera and coconut.  In extreme cases, hair grafting has proven to be a most effective means to save hairline from receding further.


  1. Iron Deficiency
    When a person is suffering from anemia due to iron deficiency, hair loss is one of the most common symptoms. Seek your doctor’s advice on the best type of supplement you can take to meet your body’s iron requirement.


  1. Alopecia Areata and Lupus
    This is when the immune system confuses the hair for a foreign object and fights it so it thins out or does not grow at all. This requires medical attention although some cases of Alopecia Areata have been addressed through herbal supplements and natural topical solutions.


  1. Sudden Weight Loss
    When you lose weight drastically, your body is deprived of essential nutrients needed to keep your system running at a normal phase, hair growth included.  When this is disturbed, your body tries to make up for it by reducing nutrient supply to your hair, nails, and skin.  Stick to a fitness plan so you won’t have to make your body suffer while you shed off some weight.


  1. Too Much Styling
    Whether it’s the use of treatments, gels, waxes, or simply exposing your hair to blow dryer and flat iron heat, you can expect your hair to give in to the pressure by falling out. When you can’t help but use these to beautify your locks, let your hair and scalp rest once in a while by keeping it clean and conditioned properly.


When battling hair loss, make sure you are aware of the most probable reason why your precious locks are falling out.  Most of the time, the remedies lie in your own hands, requiring only that you shift your diet, rethink your sleeping patterns, or simply go on a vacation.  If you feel that there is more to your hair loss than just stress, see your doctor right away.

Wonder Foods For Your Hair

In one way or another, at a certain point of your life, you will be saying goodbye to your lovely mane. Whether you cry over it or give it in freely, it will happen. And since putting so much stress over your hair loss will just make it worse, the least you can do is to let things happen. Or better yet, do something about it. Find ways on how to have thicker hair.

Here are some helpful tips to make your hair stay where they are – on your scalp and not on your hairbrush, not on the bathroom floor or on the pillow or on someone else’s shoulders.


  • Eating The Right Food


Accept it. Proper diet is not only for Victoria Secret’s model wannabes or for those body-building hunks you meet in the gym the other day. Taking the right amount of right foods will work just about for everyone. If you have a dull hair, a salmon recipe will do the magic. For falling hair, try eating beans.



  • Taking The Right Vitamins and Minerals

Woman touching her face

There are a lot of supplements for hair loss out in the market, but the question is, do they really work? While some might and some of them don’t, it is beneficial to know which vitamins and minerals will help you with your hair problem. Vitamin A helps produce scalp oil. Just don’t take too much of it as it may have an undesirable outcome. Vitamin B Complex will prevent hair loss and is responsible for hair coloration. Biotin is responsible for preventing dryness of your hair and in promoting hair growth. Vitamin C is also a great aid for collagen synthesis and Vitamin E is necessary for cell regeneration.

Your mouth plays a vital role to your well-being. So if you love yourself and your locks, be mindful of what you take in. And remember that too much or too little of everything will do no good.

How to Get Rid of Your Nasty Premature Grey Hair

Constantly checking if there’s premature growth of grey hair in your head is very troublesome. You have to be mindful about it every single time. You pluck one today and seven will grow back tomorrow. You don’t do something about it and they will invade your scalp like an angry horde of barbarians. You see, plucking your premature grey hair is never the answer to begin with. So in order for you to finally win the war against the embarrassing grey hair, you need to understand what causes it.


What’s the big deal about grey hair anyway?

Getting grey hair is part of a natural process of life called ageing. As we grow old, our skin and hair lose melanin, an important component which gives our hair its natural black color or pigment. Without it, our hair would get its grey or white appearance.


The big issue right now is that many people get it while they are still young. They think, “we’re not supposed to have it because we’re still young”, or something along those lines. What you need to know about grey hair is that it is caused by different factors. These factors are stress, lack of nutrients, exposure to harsh chemicals, and genetics.



Okay. So How Do I Get Rid of My Premature Grey Hair?


Genetics play a big role on how our physical appearance develops as we grow old. If your family or your relatives have grey hair that has grown prematurely, your chances of having one is definitely high. Unfortunately, this is something that you can’t do anything about. You can, however, conceal its presence by dyeing it black or any color you want. For those who do not have the genetic disposition however, getting grey hair is indeed scary.


Here are some things that you can do to get rid of your annoying grey hair:


  • Avoid using hair care products with harsh chemicals. You want to look attractive therefore there is a need for you to have different hair styles every week. You need to remain fashionable at all times, we get it. But frequently exposing your scalp and hair to hairsprays, gels and other hair products will definitely result in an adverse reaction. By doing so, you are depriving your hair of proper nutrients that help it keep its naturally dark color. So remember, for darker and healthier hair, you must use less hair care products.


  • Take a break. Why do you stress yourself out? You work very hard but look at you; you’re getting prematurely old in the process. If you are stressed, the hormone production in your body fluctuates. This increase or decrease in hormone production affects your hair as well. Just relax for a while and rest your body.


  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods not only during payday but like, every day! Proper nourishment helps you keep your hair in its natural pigment as long as possible. Also, make sure that you take dietary supplements to help you restore lost essential nutrients.


  • Seek the help of hair professionals. If you can’t keep premature grey hair from growing, then just go to a professional salon and have it dyed any other color. You can get brown, black, red or whatever hair color you want. Because they are professionals, they can give you the look you want while making sure your hair is not damaged in the process.


Delaying the appearance of grey hair in our heads is surely an easy task as long as we thoroughly understand its underlying cause. Doing this will reduce the risk of harming our hair rather than treating it. Also, always remember to have plenty of patience as you undergo treatment because not all people have the same reaction to the same treatment. You will get the result that you want in due time, as long as you are doing it right.


6 Ways to Prevent Grey Hair

As we age, most of us begin to start seeing the odd grey hair on our head. This can quickly progress and can end up becoming a head of grey or white hair. For some people, however, this process can start earlier than expected. If you are worried about premature grey hair, we have six great ways to help prevent this from happening.


1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for a number of things, and one of these is the prevention of developing grey hairs. By massaging it into your scalp, you are giving the roots of your hair the nutrients it needs to be stronger and to fight off the effects of aging as much as possible. Not only does the oil help with greying, but it also softens your hair.


2. Reduce Stress

Many people do not realize that stress is one of the most common causes of premature greying. It is impossible to prevent stress at all times, but it can make a huge difference if you take the time to de-stress whenever possible. Consider doing relaxing things like taking a long bath or going for a walk to clear your mind.


3. Drink Water

Dehydration can also cause greying, which is why drinking lots of water whenever you get a chance is vital. Hydrated hair s stronger and has less of a chance of becoming prematurely grey. If you are worried about hydration, also keep in mind that spicy foods can deplete the body of the water it needs.


4. No Smoking

Smoking is very bad for your overall health, and it is also bad for your hair. Smoking can accelerate ageing, and it can stress your hair, making it brittle. You lose nutrients when you smoke, as well. People who do not smoke usually have better circulation than those who do, too, which can all help your hair stay young and healthy.


5. Eat Walnuts

Copper has been proven to help prevent premature grey hair. Walnuts are rich in copper without being harmful to the rest of your body, making them a great option. Copper helps boost melanin, which is what keeps your hair colour looking great. If you are worried about greying, add walnuts to your diet.


6. Protein

Protein helps keep hair young and supple. Stick to meats that are not too rich in fat, which include options like lean turkey and chicken. If you prefer other types of protein, try eggs.

These six methods can help prevent greying for as long as possible. Keep yourself healthy by hydrating, eating protein and walnuts, and using coconut oil on your scalp. By trying these tips, you will find yourself feeling and looking healthier.