Wood Versus Metal: Who Does Better In Bed?



Wooden bed frames in Singapore are becoming more and more popular among furniture buyers. Whether it’s for their own homes or for their rental properties, many people are transitioning from the regular metal frames to wooden frames. For people who are thinking of making that switch anytime soon, here are 5 benefits they can enjoy if they choose to buy wooden bed frames.








  1. Highly Customizable

One of the biggest advantages of wooden bed frames is that they are highly customizable to suit customer needs. Whether people are looking for intricate designs or simply utilitarian, wooden bed frames can easily get a makeover using different wood stains. Customers can even paint it in different colors such as red, yellow, black and even white to suit their home interiors and style preferences.








  1. Easy To Recycle

Wooden bed frames are 100 percent recyclable, which makes it easier to dispose of. In fact, they can even be re-purposed into coffee tables and shelves with a little DIY and resourcefulness. Compared to iron bed frames, wooden bed frames are friendlier to the environment.








  1. Warmer Vibe

A wooden bed frame helps increase the comfort levels in the bedroom because it looks more inviting and cozier compared to wrought iron bed frames. It adds just the right touch of elegance and warmth to your bedroom interiors.








  1. Durability

Depending on the type of wood used, wooden bed frames are highly durable. For instance, oak is highly durable and resistant to moisture. This means that with proper care, they can last years.








  1. Great Returns On Investment

While wooden bed frames are slightly more expensive that the metal ones, they are better investments because of these above-mentioned benefits. Additionally, wooden bed frames have been used for centuries, and they’re still considered not-outdated. This means that buying a wooden bed frame is getting something that will be useful and fashionable for a long time. Money: saved.



The mattress is often the star of the bedroom but the bed frame completes the ensemble. A wooden bed frame can make bedrooms look more elegant and inviting. On top of that, people can give their bed frames a new look, simply by sanding them, or painting them with a new stain or color. This is something people can’t do on wrought-iron bed frames. So, to answer to the question asked in the title: wood is the clear winner. The benefits mentioned above is the proof, and can be used as a guide when deciding to buy a wooden or metal bed frame.


The Top 5 Places To Buy Eco-Friendly Furnitures In Singapore



For Singaporeans who are the type to care about nature, shopping for sustainable furniture should be one of the top priorities when it comes to home decorating. With so many furniture stores to choose from in Singapore, it can be challenging to shop for eco-friendly furniture, especially ones that also have decorative purpose and trendy look. Check out the five best places to buy eco-friendly furniture:








  1. Ethnicraft


FSC-certified Ethnicraft, one of the leading eco-friendly furniture stores in Singapore, offers sustainable home furniture made of solid teak wood with contemporary and timeless design. The store also provides complimentary maintenance services, disposal services, and varnishing services. Check out the many trendy furniture pieces at the store’s website, www.ethnicraft-online.com.sg.








  1. d-Bodhi


d-Bodhi’s furniture are mainly made of teak wood, with added materials for finishing like used denim jeans, old boat woods, old license plates and recycled galvanized iron. The brand’s furniture features a fun minimalist and urban look.








  1. Eco Links


Eco Links’ products range from furniture to lighting and home accessories. Their furniture are mostly made using traditional European and American techniques as well as modern technologies.








  1. Originals


Staying true to its name, Originals feature a collection of traditional pieces made of natural wood and other recycled materials, with contemporary designs. Aside from carrying their own line of furniture, the store also offers other renowned international and Singaporean eco-friendly furniture brands, as well as a specially curated line that features furniture pieces that are sourced from around the world.








  1. Haleywood


The majority of Haleywood’s products are made of oak. Some of their designs can be made with other types of wood by request. The brand’s signature look features a sleek minimalist design.



Some of these eco-friendly furniture stores offer online shopping for ease, custom furniture design, and international shipping at various rates. Prior to placing an order, be sure to determine the measurements of the furniture, as well as the space or room you have at home.

4 Tips in Decorating a Living Room to Give It a Modernistic Look




The living room is arguably the most important room in the house. It’s the place where the residents hang out. It’s also the most visible since it serves as a reception room for guests. Therefore, it’s important that it’s designed and decorated in a way that gives it a lively and vibrant ambiance. One way to do that is to give it a modernistic look. Below are some tips on how this can be achieved:








1) Take a minimalist approach

Modern designs are often associated with minimalism. It often involves utilizing spaces and neutral colors like beige, ivory, white, black, gray, and taupe. A general rule in minimalist decoration is that the floor and ceiling should be as empty as possible. This means no usage of rugs, carpets, or large chandeliers. For sources of light, wall-mounted lamps can be used.









2) Use furniture made of shiny artificial materials like stainless steel, glass, cast iron, and aluminum

There should be a balanced combination of these materials. For example, if the center table is made of clear glass, the chairs and other furniture should feature steel or aluminum designs. For couches, a regular sofa with plain colors like black, brown, red, or green would suffice. Looking for these items isn’t that hard. You can find them in a traditional Singapore furniture shop or you can search for them online.








3) Hang or display modern art pieces such as paintings and sculptures

Modern artworks are very important features of home decoration. Go for contemporary pieces like abstract paintings and sculptures. These pieces not only serve as decorations, they also serve as conversation pieces for future guests.








4) Focus on a theme

It’s a lot easier to decorate a living room if there’s a theme involved. A theme can revolve around anything: a hobby, a movie, a book, a sport, an art movement, or even a country. For instance, a theme revolving around movies can feature furniture the designs of which are inspired by the ones shown in the movies.


People can also use prints of movie posters that can be mounted on the walls.



Giving a living room a modernistic look isn’t that difficult. The tips discussed above should be able to provide anyone with a working idea on how to do it. To summarize things, a homeowner should take a minimalist approach, use furniture associated with modernism, utilize modern art pieces, and focus on a single theme.

The 5 Best Online Furniture Stores In Singapore



Looking for websites where to buy furniture online? Furniture hunters in Singapore need not leave the comforts of their homes these days to shop because there is now an abundance of online furniture stores to shop from.

Being able to shop online for furniture has empowered the consumer with more options to choose from and helps save time as well. But how do they choose to ensure quality and durability? Check out these 5 best online furniture stores available in Singapore.











  1. FortyTwo

FortyTwo was formerly known as beds.sg and it started 9 years ago with only 60 products under the bed department. Currently, the e-commerce website holds around 8,000 items with an expanding range of household items. It’s a great website to steal some bargains from their clearance sales.








  1. Lazada

Lazada is fast becoming Southeast Asia’s Amazon which sells virtually everything and furniture is one of its speciality. Search for furniture in its search box and an expansive list of brands will appear. The best part of Lazada is its slashed prices for most available items.








  1. Castlery

Castlery is pretty much the new kid on the block. Started in 2013, most of Castlery’s furniture are in-house designed so what you’ll be getting are pieces unique to Castlery. If you’re not convinced to push the checkout button online, you can go down to their warehouse at 2 Alexandra Road to see the product firsthand.








  1. Hipvan

Just like Castlery and a proud Singapore startup, Hipvan aims to provide affordable yet trendy furniture and homeware to young families in Singapore. This is a great place to snatch up a steal at the on-sale section but do make sure they have their goods in stock by giving them a call.








  1. Nest

Nest takes its goods directly from their factories. That’s why there are no frills and no hidden costs in their supply chain which means that good value is then finally translated to their customers. Nest concentrates on furniture inspired by the Scandinavian style of living and it is a great place to shop if you’re looking for aesthetics and value.



Shopping for furniture online in Singapore makes life so much more convenient these days. But is also good to ensure that the website you go to has a trial period that would allow you to return the goods if you’re not happy with it.

A Piece of Furniture Advice: Wood Aftercare

Everyone loves to buy furniture in Singapore about as much as they love getting a new piece of wooden furniture in their house. The only problem with getting wooden furniture is that sometimes it is hard to care for. Luckily, there are things that one can do in order to protect their precious wooden furniture and to keep it looking new for a very long time.

One of the more obvious solutions to keeping wooden furniture looking new for a long time is to clean it. Using warm water and an extremely mild soap should be able to do the trick. Something that is highly important to remember is not to soak the wooden furniture while cleaning it. It will ruin the wooden furniture almost immediately, which is the exact opposite of the desired outcome. Lightly cleaning the wooden furniture will definitely ensure that the wooden piece will continue to look as beautiful as it did whenever it was first bought.


Another thing that can be done to keep wooden furniture looking new is to lightly wax it after it has been cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Applying wax to the wooden furniture seals in the newly cleaned wood so that nothing can break inside and ruin the wood. In addition to creating a barrier for the wood, the wax will also leave a glossy finish on the wood. This will make your furniture continue to look new all because of that clean, shiny glow that it will radiate.


Sometimes after laying a hot coffee mug or another warm item on wooden furniture, it can leave a ring of what almost looks like grease. Sometimes, it can look a bit white in that particular area. No matter what the look of it is, there is a quick way to fix it! All one will have to do is find a mild abrasive to clean the rings off of the wooden furniture. Many people recommend using toothpaste mixed with baking soda. It is mild enough that it will not ruin your treasured furniture, but it is strong enough to eliminate the appearance of the rings.


Every once in a while, all wooden furniture pieces need a slight touch up. The pieces can easily obtain scratches and scuff marks on it that make it look very worn out. All that has to be done to create a solution for this problem is to find a shoe polish that perfectly matched the color of the wooden furniture piece. After the appropriately colored shoe polish has been found, just quickly fill in the greasy looking ring or the white stain that is displayed on the wooden furniture piece. It will look as good as new!


A fact that several people may not know is that heat can damage wooden furniture. It is very important to keep it away from any sunlight that is entering through doors or windows. Another thing that would protect the furniture piece is to keep it away from any heating vents. By doing these things, the wooden furniture pieces will look amazing for much longer than one would typically expect.
Keeping wooden furniture away from heat sources and the sun is just one of the many things that can be done in order to preserve the life and the appearance of a wooden furniture piece. By taking care of the furniture in one’s home, they can expect for their furniture to look as if it was just purchased for a very long amount of time.

The Heart and Soul of Your Home


Think about what brings families and groups together. Food is often a central point for festivities and celebration. It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So, the dining room must be a home’s soul. Here are five trendy ideas for purchasing and positioning dining room furniture in Singapore.
1. The table
Reserve half of the decorating budget for this room as it is the largest piece of dining room furniture. A quality table will outlast a cheaper product by decades.
It is important to purchase a piece proportional to the space. If the room is massive, a larger and weightier table is appropriate. For a more modest space, consider a lighter table (in both colour and material) or one that is expandable.
2. Buffet 
Guests, holiday parties, and family gatherings may be more fun at home. This will require storage space and extra serving space. While extra storage may go under-utilized, it is best to plan for it in advance. A large buffet table, repurposed dresser, or entryway table can serve the purpose.
Keep the space casual and relaxed with a distinct colour or material. The buffet should coordinate without matching the dining room table. Buy furniture online to save time and money. This is especially helpful with accent pieces like a buffet. Simple measurements will help to ensure the most accommodating piece is purchased.
3. Rug 
Pull guests into the soul of your home by using a rich and textured rug. This will serve as a centralising agent for the entire room.
Balance the rug pattern or colour to coordinate well with other rooms of the home, but avoid the novice mistake of matching another rug or pattern. The dining room can have both a distinct look and a synchronous feel as visitors move from room to room.
Prior to a purchase, consider the level of maintenance the rug will require and the extent of use. Families with young children may find a machine washable material more appropriate to their specific needs. Adult couples who occasionally entertain may find that a spot clean rug is suitable.
4. Lighting 
The weight or prominence of the light fixtures should be balanced with the weight of the dining room table. A simple table with light stain or paint can pair well with a heavier wool rug in a vibrant colour. The rug would provide enough weight to balance a large light fixture, like a two-tiered chandelier.
Track lighting can be an affordable and fully customisable option for most dining room spaces. Lighting does not need to be expensive, but some consideration is necessary to maintain an open and lively area.
5. Storage 
Spaces that require additional storage may find a table with side shelves or drawers helpful. Table runners, special serving ware, and place settings can be stored within reach. Further storage can be tucked away in bench and window seating.
The dining room is the place where most families gather at the start and end of every day. Dining rooms host special birthday serenades, candle blowing, and memorable photos. Make your space comfortable, accessible, and appealing by using these ideas for yourself.


Wood Furniture Tips/Advice/Guide

The wood living room furniture that you have in your home is going to have to match your style. You are going to be able to get Singapore furniture that is going to make your house look great, and you will need to get an L shaped sofa in Singapore that is going to help you get the best kinds of results from your furniture and design. You want to make sure that the furniture is going to look great in the house, and you are going to have to make sure that you are going to enjoy this furniture as much as possible.


The furniture that you pick out is going to have to be the right colour, and you are going to be able to get a lot of help from the people that sell the furniture. They are going to divide their furniture into the colours that you might want, and you will need to make sure that you are going to get what you need to make it much easier for you to make your house look great. You also need to make sure that you are going to get the best results when you have chosen from the right catalogue. You will be able to make a major change, and you will get those changes done right away.


The furniture is going to come in a lot of styles, and the styles are going to look really nice because they are so very basic. This means that you are going to be able to put something together really fast, and it is going to make a lot more sense than anything you would have picked otherwise. You get to design the whole house or the office with this furniture, and you are going to be consistent from room to room.


10164 Teak Circle dining table


The furniture that you pick out has to be from the same styles so that you will be able to get a lot more help. This means that they are going to have a lot of styles you might like, and then you can get all the furniture you need in that one style. There is nothing simpler than this, and you are going to have to make sure that you have done your job by picking the style that gives you the most options.


You will be able to get all that you need, and you will be able to do it right now with just a little bit of help. This means that people are going to appreciate how the furniture looks, and they are going to be able to get anything that you need. All that you need for your house or the office is going to be right there, and you are going to love the way that it looks. You will be able to make anything look much better, and you will never have a problem with the furniture because it all comes from the same good places with good styles.

Different Ways To Make Your Dining Space Look Good

Giving your small dining space personality for the holiday requires the same careful thought dedicated for sprucing up the rest of your house. In fact in homes where families spend valuable time at the dining table, you want to make it more comfortable and cozy when it is time to celebrate your special occasion. A theme, decoration and a nice dining table if needed certainly makes life easier.


If you already have ideas about how to decorate your dining space for the holidays, you are off to a great start. But if you are someone weighing the casual feeling of a contemporary dining set against the grace of a traditional setting, observe some of the elements that make up the rest of the rooms. Pay close attention to furniture styles at this company for dining table in Singapore which is heavily influencing today’s small dining space design. Select your favorite decorating theme for the holiday that can be carried into the cozy space, the color and pattern of the dining chairs that will unify your dwelling’s overall decor as well. Our furniture and design experts will give you some ideas about identifying what will look right for your dining room as well as pull all the elements together seamlessly upon request.


Every room in a house should have one thing in common – elements to please yourself. While you may want to add decoration that will capture the attention of your guests, you also want to improve your creative spirit along the way. The key is to transform the space into a theme that reflects your taste. A favorite color is one good thing to do this. What style can inspire you and your family members? Consider styles that you have admired before or ask one of our design experts. A pattern on the furniture? A clean wood floor? A pretty collection of things on the hutch? Did you feel the atmosphere relaxed? Nostalgic? Or cheerful? This is the kind of thinking you should have while decorating your small dining space for the holidays.

dining table full of food
In addition, look for clues in the rest of the house. Do you want to purchase a new dining set that matches with the doors, wall trims, windows or kitchen cabinets? You can also introduce a period of nice flavor in the room with these ideas. Do you like modern art or antique items? Whatever you do, approach it with care or ask for expert help. Let it evolve over time before the holiday begins. Refer to books and brochures as starting point but let your own preference and taste be your guide as well. If you are looking to buy traditional furniture, make sure they are marked by symmetry and balance and the look of your dining space is finally enhanced. Furnish the room with an antique or reproduction hutch, if the space permits. Likewise, you can replace curtains that are taking up the space and expose the windows in the dining room to make it look bigger.