5 Time-Saving Tips on Choosing a Slimming Centre in Singapore

Finding a slimming centre in Singapore can be a breeze, as there have been an increasing number of such places in the recent years. Choosing the best one for you, though, could be a little tricky. If you can’t decide which one is the most suitable for you, here are 5 tips to get you started.


1) Safety

In whatever you do, your safety should be your number one priority. Find a slimming centre in Singapore that has good reputation and can assure you of your safety. While the slimming method itself should be safe, you can also check to see if the personnel has the proper accreditation, authentic certificates, licenses, and/or clearances. By looking at their credentials, you can decide to choose from the various centres wisely.

2) Duration

Check whether the duration of the slimming programs best suit your needs. Decide on how much time you can spend on the treatment and how long you can wait before seeing the results. Some slimming centres offer programs that last from as short as a week to as long as a couple of months, depending on multiple variables (proposed methods, availability of slots, your own schedule, etc).


3) Method

In relation to 2) above, the period of time you can/want to spend on the program will lead you to the choices of methods. Once you have set your physical goals, you can decide on the kind of treatment you want to undergo. Some slimming centres in Singapore offer healthy diet-specific programs, while others combine diet, supplements, and exercise. If you want faster results, it is best to opt for non-invasive procedures that target fat tissues in your body.

4) Accessibility

Convenience is a good thing to consider when choosing where to go for your slimming needs. Choose a slimming centre that is accessible from your workplace or home, always available to attend to your needs, has operating hours that fits your schedule, and communicates well with you . There might be some body reactions you need to consult with asap so its important that you know you can fully rely on its services at any given time.


5) Sustainability

Find out if the program they offer can fit in your lifestyle after you have achieved your dream body. Even though the method is effective in making you lose weight, you also need to check how you could maintain that body even after the program is completed.

A quick search on the Internet can already give you the answers to your questions regarding slimming centres; but you are advised to drop by for a consultation at the centre. This way, you can ask specific questions related to the points above and get as many precision as possible. In any case, being well-informed about your decision should significantly help you in choosing a slimming centre in Singapore that fits your wishes and needs.

Wonder Foods For Your Hair

In one way or another, at a certain point of your life, you will be saying goodbye to your lovely mane. Whether you cry over it or give it in freely, it will happen. And since putting so much stress over your hair loss will just make it worse, the least you can do is to let things happen. Or better yet, do something about it. Find ways on how to have thicker hair.

Here are some helpful tips to make your hair stay where they are – on your scalp and not on your hairbrush, not on the bathroom floor or on the pillow or on someone else’s shoulders.


  • Eating The Right Food


Accept it. Proper diet is not only for Victoria Secret’s model wannabes or for those body-building hunks you meet in the gym the other day. Taking the right amount of right foods will work just about for everyone. If you have a dull hair, a salmon recipe will do the magic. For falling hair, try eating beans.



  • Taking The Right Vitamins and Minerals

Woman touching her face

There are a lot of supplements for hair loss out in the market, but the question is, do they really work? While some might and some of them don’t, it is beneficial to know which vitamins and minerals will help you with your hair problem. Vitamin A helps produce scalp oil. Just don’t take too much of it as it may have an undesirable outcome. Vitamin B Complex will prevent hair loss and is responsible for hair coloration. Biotin is responsible for preventing dryness of your hair and in promoting hair growth. Vitamin C is also a great aid for collagen synthesis and Vitamin E is necessary for cell regeneration.

Your mouth plays a vital role to your well-being. So if you love yourself and your locks, be mindful of what you take in. And remember that too much or too little of everything will do no good.

What Everyone Should Understand About Colorectal Cancer


Cancer in the large intestine or the bottom few inches of the colon is known as colorectal collectively. This is a terrible form of cancer that can sneak up on people in Singapore because it does not always show symptoms at first. It can even metastasize and spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. Here are the main points everyone should understand about colorectal cancer.


Signs There Could Be Problems 

One sign of this type of cancer is a sudden change in bowel habits that will last for a month or more. This means things are consistently different when using the bathroom during that time. Blood appearing in stool or rectal bleeding are signs of cancer. The feeling that the bowels are never empty can be a sign. Pain and cramping in the stomach area that lasts for weeks could be indicative of cancer. The final possible sign is weight loss for no reason.


Why Cancer Develops In the Colon 

There is no clear explanation as to why some in Singapore people get cancer in the colon. Colorectal cancer usually starts as harmless polyps or bumps in the colon. Those can turn cancerous at any time and start destroying the body. It seems there is some correlation between developing cancer and eating a diet that is high in fat and lacking in healthy fiber.


Factors Increasing the Risk of Cancer 

Several things can make this type of cancer more likely in a person in Singapore. Excessive drinking and smoking greatly increase the risk. A lack of exercise does as well. People in families where others have gotten this type of cancer could be at risk due to genetics. Overweight individuals have a higher risk. Lack of dietary fiber, diabetes and experiencing other colon issues all also make cancer more likely.


Types of Treatments Available 

Several treatments are available in Singapore to people who have been diagnosed with this form of cancer. The first option is surgery to remove the cancerous part of the colon. This can work very well if the cancer is caught early. A second option is chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells. Targeted radiation therapy can be used to reduce the size of tumours in the colon. A final option is targeted drug therapy to help stop cancer cells from reproducing or spreading.


Preventing This Type of Cancer 

Prevention is the best option when it comes to this form of cancer. It is important to get a colonoscopy in Singapore to check whether there are polyps in the colon. It is also important to get a colonoscopy regularly. This will allow doctors to catch any problems early and possibly prevent the cancer from progressing too far. Never ignore the risk of cancer in the colon.

It is important for everyone to get a colonoscopy to prevent colorectal cancer from forming and destroying the body. This is critical even if there seems to be no bowel or gastrointestinal problems. Taking just that one small step could pay off significantly later in life if polyps are detected early.

Lasik Surgery Risks


There are few things that are more frustrating than dealing with eye diseases that limit a person’s vision or even trying to handle common eye problems that make everyday tasks more complicated than they truly need to be. In fact, there are even some professions that individuals with certain eye problems are prevented from doing, all because they are incapable of having near perfect vision without some type of corrective device. This may seem like a minor nuisance for certain people, but for anyone who has always dreamed of having that particular career or that has always done it in the past and is now faced with eye diseases that prevent it, it can be the end of life as a particular individual knows it. Obviously, no one wants to face this type of issue. As a direct result, options like LASIK surgery frequently become very important factors to consider.


In order to truly understand whether or not LASIK surgery or any other type of surgery might be effective for someone facing this type of situation, it is important to understand how the surgery works so that a more clear understanding of its potential benefits can be obtained. In some cases, the surgery does wonders for a person’s vision, restoring it to near perfect levels. In many cases, the person that had the surgery actually has better vision after the fact than they have ever had throughout their entire life. However, there are cases where the surgery simply doesn’t work and like any other form of surgery, there are certain risks associated with it. Experts at the Singapore Eye Centre are capable of walking patients through the process so they can make an educated decision regarding their options. However, it is always a good idea to go in well-armed with a basic understanding in order to get the most from any appointment.



Essentially, LASIK surgery is designed to take the place of corrective lenses. Without a doubt, there are many advancements that have been made and thanks to those advancements, the surgery now works in variety of cases where it did not work before. However, it is still not an effective solution for those individuals who have vision that is truly damaged. In other words, is not going to help individuals that have diminished vision as a direct result of some type of traumatic injury, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. It is also not effective when there is some other problem associated with retinal detachment.

It is equally important to understand any potential risks associated with the surgery. There is no surgery that is completely safe and this is no different. In this particular case, risks include infection, diminished vision or even total blindness. In some cases, patients may feel extreme pain in or near the eye. If infection is present, it can lead to many other problems that go far beyond a person’s vision. As a result, it is vitally important to choose a medical facility such as the Singapore Eye Centre where all of the necessary precautions are taken to ensure a favourable outcome.


Privé Aesthetics

Privé Aesthetics is a one-stop medical aesthetics centre catering to your skin, face and body needs. Equipped with advanced, clinically proven machines and using only medical-grade products, Privé Aesthetics offers safe and effective treatments designed by medi-aesthetics experts and doctors. Offering clinical grade treatments at great value, our non-invasive programmes help to unlock your true beauty inside out.

At Privé Aesthetics, we believe that everyone is unique and has an opportunity to look & feel good. The quality of our treatments and our exclusive product ranges is catered to anyone, young or old wanting to look and feel their best at every stage of their lives.


Regain Your Confidence at Prive Aesthetics







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Privé Clinic

Privé Clinic suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Understanding that being well-groomed and exhibiting quiet confidence is paramount to success, Privé Clinic represents their passport to perfection.

Loving comfort in private surroundings, personalised services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé Clinic’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, believes in constant research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

At Privé Clinic, they believe that everyone is unique and has an opportunity to look & feel good. The quality of our treatments and our exclusive product ranges is catered to anyone, young or old wanting to look and feel their best at every stage of their lives.

Privé Clinic set no limits with beauty and perfection as anything is possible and believe every customer is unique and should be given the opportunity to look and feel good.

Equipped with advanced, clinically-proven machines and using medical-grade products, our treatments offered are safe and effective, with protocols designed and tested by medical aesthetics professionals with years of experience.

We set no limits with beauty and perfection as anything is possible and believe every customer is unique and should be given the opportunity to look and feel good.

Equipped with advanced, clinically-proven machines and using medical-grade products, our treatments offered are safe and effective, with protocols designed and tested by medical aesthetics professionals with years of experience.



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Privé Vitale Clinic

Privé Vitale Clinic is an aesthetics clinic that aims to provide clients with effective and affordable treatments. Led by Dr. Karen Soh, Medical Director of Privé Clinic, Their doctors undergo preceptorship with her and engage in constant training and personal hands-on lessons on the techniques and advancement of our technology.


PRIVE VITALE – Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


At Vitale, They believe everyone young and old, want to look and feel good about themselves. Our experienced team has undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 10am – 8pm                Saturdays: 10am – 2pm      Sundays: By appointment only

Public holidays: Closed


Providence Orthopaedics

At Providence Orthopaedics, they expertise is in treating sports injuries. Providence Orthopaedics are committed to providing care to injuries sustained at all levels of physical activity, whether their customer are a weekend basketball-warrior, recreational skier, or professional athlete. Providence Orthopaedics offer minimally-invasive treatment options to get active individuals “back in the game”.


Interview with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Siow Hua Ming, Providence Orthopaedics


Providence Orthopaedics’s Available Services

  • Evaluation, prevention and treatment of sports or exercise-related injuries
  • Cortisone (H&L) injections, Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injection therapy
  • Brace-fitting, custom orthotics, splinting, and casting
  • Medical and surgical care of the shoulder, elbow, hands and wrist, hip, back, 
 knee, and foot and ankle.
  • Arthroscopy and minimally-invasive surgery (MIS)
  • Outpatient Imaging (X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan)



  • Telephone: (65) 6684 2330
    24-hour Tel: (65) 9848 3888
  • Address: #08-54 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre 38 Irrawaddy Road Singapore 329563
  • Email: contact@sgbonedoctor.com
  • Website: sgbonedoctor.com

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