4 Necessary IT Services to Outsource for Your Business



In most businesses, outsourcing is an idea that is rarely given much thought. It refers to getting another company or a freelancer to accomplish a task for you, instead of doing it on your own.

Admittedly, outsourcing has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but your business can benefit a lot from it, especially if you do it right, and only to some aspects of your business. Here are some IT services to consider to outsource in order to help you save some time and/or money.







  • Website Design

Designing your business website is an important aspect, and it is understandable that you want to be as involved as you can. However, this task is not as easy as it seems. There are technical and creative factors that need to be considered, and it is much better to consult a professional.








  • Cloud Computing Services

Uploading files in the cloud is easily becoming the trend these days. Most people use it for their personal files, and with good reason, too. Cloud services could benefit your business. If you are the type of company that involves a lot of collaboration on files, this is the perfect solution for you. Cloud computing also comes with the extra reassurance that your files will be safe because they are always backed-up.







  • Data Recovery

If at some point you find yourself in trouble for losing important files, then you have to find an IT company to help you with the recovery. Most people who try to recover data on their own end up aggravating the problem. This is because data recovery is a highly technical work that requires the expertise and experience of professionals.







  • Virtual Private Servers

Not only is an upgrade on your web hosting plan a necessary part of your growing business, it is also a great way to get IT support in Singapore. Most companies that offer Virtual Private Servers also offer 24/7 IT support that could greatly reduce your website’s downtime, in case of any problem.



Outsourcing could be beneficial for your business because instead of assembling a group of your employees to do the task, a different company could do it for you at a lower cost. Also, since IT services tend to be highly technical, it is much better to ask for the help of someone who is more qualified to solve your problem.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Data Backup



In a 2014 multinational survey, researchers found that companies lost approximately $1.7 trillion in the past 12 months due to system downtime and data loss. Regardless of your industry and business size, these two IT-related incidents are costly. You lose money and customers for every minute your system is down. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to regularly backup their data. Here are the main reasons why.







  1. Human error is one of the major causes of cyber security issue. Despite the number of company policies, carelessness can lead to cyber threats originating inside the organization. If you have a team in place to help you manage your online operations, nuances like these can easily be resolved without bothering the customers.







  1. Machines And Hardware Can Fail Like humans, machines and hardware are not perfect and they can fail anytime. This is why you need to backup your data regularly. There are two ways you can do this—in a physical drive or in the cloud. You need IT services to maintain your website and your data recovery system so that when hardware failure happens, you can load the backup and reduce the number of hours needed to resume operations in case of emergencies.







  1. You can’t depend on Mother Nature. While some businesses can take a day off due to bad weather, there are organizations who don’t have such luxury. If you regularly backup your data in the cloud, you can easily redirect your operations to an offshore team. For companies who work with remote teams in other countries, this will help you run a smooth operation regardless of location and bad weather.








Strengthen Your Online Authority

There are many resources online that you can check if you want to go the DIY route but hiring an external team to handle your IT services will give you that peace of mind no amount of “how-to” articles can. Your customers are online and they demand 24/7 access.



Simply knowing that you can call for help any time of day to resolve an online issue quickly improves your confidence. Having an effective website and data backup system in place also help improve your online authority and your customers’ overall experience and satisfaction.

Office Bonding Tips For Everyone


You should start working on group activities in Singapore when you are working in a large office. You will get instant results from the things that you plan because they will push your team to learn how to do things together, and they will show you how to get instant results for the things that you need to get done. You can try out a lot of different things, and then you can see which ones really do work the best for you. There are a lot of things that can be done to change the way your office works, and you will see the changes as soon as you get down to what you want to do.

You can schedule everything for your office so that people show up the same times to get this training. They will learn a lot about how they work together, and the people in the office can get to know each other so that they can start being more productive. You will see how everyone does what they do, and you will have a very good idea of how you will manage all the work that needs to be done.


You need to start pairing people up so that they can get to know each other, and you will start seeing natural teams develop. You can turn your large team into a bunch of small groups who are all trained to work together, and then they will learn a lot about how you are supposed to get the work done that is assigned to you. You will have a chance to teach the team exactly what needs to be done, and then you will not have to worry about how you will get everything done. You can keep pointing back to the training to say that this is how you want to do things, and then you will have every chance to make a change in the office that really helps.


Some of your people will go off to use that same information to get better results in their own jobs, and they will often go off to manage other offices. Someone who is trying to get much better results from their team needs to be willing to work together with the team without every a thought. That means that you start doing team building, and then you realize that you have all the time in the world to get things done.

Anyone who is trying to make the most of what they are doing at work should be able to have a way to learn everything in one shot. You can bring people into the office at any time, and then you can put them in these trainings that will get them ready to do anything that they need to do at any time. You have to make sure that you have done all that can be done to help your cause, and you also need to remember that you cannot get a single good result unless you have planned in advance.

Improving Employee Attendance Doesn’t Have to Be Hard Work


Employee attendance is a major concern for many business owners. To run an efficient, successful company, you need to know that you can rely on your employees to show up every day on time and ready to work.

The Impact of Poor Attendance

Chronic absenteeism and tardiness has a negative effect on your business. Others are forced to pick up the slack when co-workers don’t show up. This creates an unfair burden that interrupts the daily workflow and slows productivity. The need to hire a replacement in the event of a prolonged absence drains company resources. Temporary employees’ unfamiliarity with the daily workings of your business can cause disruptions that further undermine efficiency.

Resentment can build when accommodations are always being made for chronically absent employees. This negativity creates a poor workplace environment and leads to feelings of discouragement and anger among your staff.


Benefiting From an Attendance Tracking System

There are many technologically advanced systems available to help you monitor and track employee attendance. Such programs offer a vast improvement over the outdated arrangement of punch cards and manual data entry. Using an automated tracking system allows you to:

• Set rules for arrival, departure and break times
• Prevent system manipulation such as “buddy punching”
• Work with and track remote employees
• Reduce time sheet reporting errors
• Export time sheets to payroll software
• Ensure proper payment of regular hours and overtime
• Manage schedules from a master calendar
• Track trends in employee absenteeism

These features cut down on the time you have to spend managing schedules, and they help boost employee attendance and morale.


Tips for Improving Employee Attendance

In addition to automating attendance tracking tasks, there are other things you can do to reduce absenteeism among your staff. Set up an attendance policy to give employees a clear picture of your expectations, and provide steps to follow when they’re going to be out of work. Let your staff know who they should contact in the event of an absence and how far in advance the absence should be reported. Establish rules regarding proof of illness in the case of lengthy absences.
Use your tracking system to note any patterns in chronic absenteeism. Employees that are always out on certain days or who use the same excuses over and over are likely taking time off when they’re not actually ill or injured. Institute and enforce consequences for anyone attempting to violate your attendance policy in this way.

Show employees that you’re thinking of them and are concerned about their well-being by following up when they return to work. Ask how they’re feeling and ensure that they’re ready to return to their daily duties. If you can tell that an employee is still under the weather, offer to give him or her another day off to recover completely and avoid a relapse.

To ensure that employees want to come to work and are happy in their jobs, seek to cultivate a positive atmosphere and good relationships in the office. Make sure that everyone has a fair schedule that allows them to balance their work lives, home lives and recreation time. This improves morale and reduces the illness and injury that can result from working in a high-stress environment.

Consistent attendance among employees is essential for the success of your business. Implementing an attendance tracking system (Ademco Security) helps to ensure productivity, maintain consistency and create a positive atmosphere that fosters business growth. When your employees know what you expect of them in terms of attendance, they have a better understanding of the value of company time and are more likely to maintain a regular schedule.