5 Golden Rules For Second Hand Car Maintenance

Driving a used car entails a greater set of responsibilities. This becomes especially true if the vehicle has seen some mileage. If you don’t want to be left stranded in a deserted highway or in the middle of busy city traffic, keeping it in tip top shape should be a priority.

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Know Where To Direct Resources 

Prioritize on what you should be maintaining, repairing, or replacing. The first and foremost priority is your second hand car’s braking system, tires, and steering wheel. These parts allow you to control the vehicle and losing this control can possibly lead to an accident. Get them regularly checked by a capable mechanic and have them replace if needed.

The next things you should be maintaining are those that will cause other parts, like the engine, to stop working. The timing belts, constant velocity joints, radiator tubes, and fan. The last items on your list should be the changing of your car fluids including oil, coolant, and transmission fluid.


Be Proactive 

It is good practice to not only have your second hand car checked at least twice a year but also to proactively monitor its condition. Many car problems are only brought to light once they’ve already caused a breakdown or accident. Regularly check your brakes and see if you hear grinding noises. If you do, it may be time to bring it to a mechanic.

Worn out tires should also be checked for unevenness and tread health. It can cost money to replace all four tires, which usually cost around $300 for a non-performance set, but it is better to replace it sooner rather than later. A road accident caused by neglected tires can cost much more than replacing the tires.


Grow Your Car Knowledge 

Not all car owners are experts. Some of them know only how to operate one, but not the underlying mechanics that make it possible. While you can’t learn everything about the automotive industry, make an effort to learn about your car, its make, model, engine, transmission, etc.


Protect It From External Damage

Aside from breaking down from the inside, your vehicle is also vulnerable to external factors including acts of God and men. Natural calamities like hurricanes and blizzards can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Make sure to keep it inside the garage during harsh weather conditions. Cover it with a tarp and fold the side mirrors inwards when parked.


Know When It’s Financially Bleeding You 

Know when to get rid of your 2nd hand car. Some debate that forking out $3,000 to replace your transmission is a better option than taking out a loan to get another vehicle. If you can sell your existing vehicle for a reasonable price and enough to fund another car purchase, then why not? If the car is consistently breaking down on you and requires major repairs and replacement parts, perhaps dumping it for a new used car is better.



The Best Hondas to Drive in Singapore

Honda is a well-trusted automobile manufacturer in many parts of the world. Singapore citizens have many reasons to search for a new Honda daily driver or excursion vehicle. Honda offers three broad elements that every vehicle owner needs: comfort, reliability and efficiency. A resident can easily find a Honda in Singapore that will last for many years to come. The following are three options that a person has for a new, used or second-hand Honda automotive in the country:

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is an attractive car that is perfect for a college student or single person. The Jazz is a colorful and fun economy option that comes with a 1.3-litre or 1.5-litre engine. The engine provides an amazing 17.81 km/L fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the Honda Jazz has an assortment of high tech features in it. Drivers will have access to touch-panel air conditioning, an audio system with a 7-inch display, Smart Entry and Push Button starting, an LCD meter cluster, and a hands-free telephone steering switch. If that is not enough by itself, drivers can enjoy HDMI connectivity and a satellite navigational system, as well. The Jazz is one of the most feature-packed devices on the market today.

Honda Accord

The Singapore Honda Accord provides a bit more space for the drivers and passengers than the Jazz does. The car gives the visitors more luxury, as well. Consumers in Singapore love the Honda Accord because of its smooth handling. The vehicle is perfect for long family trips or daily drives back and forth to one’s occupation. Additionally, the Accord has smooth power delivery. Some Accords have a 2.4-litre engine that is mindful of fuel efficiency. Users can obtain a fuel efficiency of 13.2km/L. The engine power is above average, and it delivers at least 153bhp.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of Honda’s most popular vehicles because of its sporty allure and its light weight. The Civic has a 4-cylinder engine with a fuel consumption rate of 14.7 km/L. The Civic is a highly attractive model that many college students would love to have.

Honda Integra

The Integra is a two-door vehicle that a Singapore resident may find and purchase. The Integra is another vehicle from Honda’s collection that offers a stellar fuel consumption rate. Drivers can get up to 14.4 km/L in the vehicle. Many additional Honda options are available along with the ones that were just stated.

Finding a Reliable Honda in Singapore

The ideal Honda for a Singapore resident is one that fits his or her price range. The vehicle should be mechanically and cosmetically sound, as well. A Singapore resident can find a good used vehicle by visiting a trustworthy classified site. An ideal site will have more than three years of experiences and thousands of successful previous listings. The site will offer crucial information such as selling and buying tips, maintenance and technical advice, and information on finding automobile insurance, or find a Honda at this Singapore second hand car website.

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