While it’s super convenient and fast for you to buy furniture online, especially when you’re buying big and multiple pieces of furniture at once, it’s easy to fall into hidden traps of online furniture shopping. Avoid these mistakes when you buy furniture online:


  1. Be aware of extra tax or cost

There’s a high chance you’ll be charged extra if you’re buying your furniture online, like sales tax or delivery cost if you’re living outside of delivery area. To save money, make sure the company delivers to your area, and abide by their delivery schedule.


  1. Research brand quality

dinAlways research the quality of furniture brands to get the best deals. Brands may carry the same product, but they may differ in terms of quality and durability. Most of the time affordable furniture is simply not good for long-term investments. In this case, if you’d like to save, you’ve got to spend extra.



  1. Shop from well-known brands

Well-known brands already have a reputation and presence among shoppers, so it’s easier for you to decide and make purchases by looking into their filed complaints (if any), customer service and more.


  1. Measure the path to your space

measuring-tapeAside from measuring your space and matching it with the dimensions of your furniture, you also have to consider the size of your path leading to your space where you’ll be placing your furniture, including the stairs and doors. Sometimes furniture had to be sent back because they can’t fit through the door.



  1. ‘Easy Return’ is misleading

Most major furniture brands offer an ‘easy return’ which is often misleading, as you’ll probably be charged with a restocking or shipping fee. Be aware of the return policy. Some brands require that you repackage the item intact, just like in its original condition.


  1. ‘Convenient Shipping’ is a lie

moneyRegardless of where you buy your furniture, you need to be present when they arrive. Otherwise, there’ll be penalty incurred (extra charge) for missing shipment.




  1. Wobbly furniture

If your space has wooden floor, chances are your furniture would be prone to wobbliness, despite it being a perfect product fresh from the factory. Remember that wood furniture tends to expand and contract in humid and dry conditions.


  1. Natural furniture fades

Sun_damage1Natural furniture has different finishing, but they’ll most likely fade especially when exposed to light. It’s better to mix and match your furniture (get some natural and man-made ones) so they won’t all fade, unless you’re going for the shabby chic look.




  1. Furniture colour appears different on different screens

If you buy furniture online, you probably view them on a desktop, laptop or mobile phone. If you can, try to view them on three different monitors or phones with the same brightness settings.


  1. ‘Free shipping’ is tricky

Free shipping may not be applicable to all purchases. Depending on your purchase, the offer only applies if you select in-home assembly. However, the cheaper option is likely to cause 15% damage to your furniture, while paid, more expensive shipping causes 2% damage.


Spend some time window shopping and researching to get the best deals while buying furniture online. It’s more costly if you made mistakes.