5 Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Use Their Lady’s Products

men hardly care about what happens to their skin

Although it would seem on the outside that men hardly care about what happens to their skin, the reality is the opposite. Like ladies, men also experience skin issues that have to be addressed daily. Acne, skin sensitivities, and aging are also a concern. Many men assume that using their women’s skin and hair products will help them get rid of these issues, but this is not the case.


If you have the habit of using your lady’s products, you should stop right now. Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Men’s facial skin is thicker and tougher than women’s.

Testosterone stimulation, especially of Androgen, is the cause of this thickening. Stronger facial cleansers are needed for this type of skin to ensure it skin is being cleansed properly. Men can get a closer shave because the surface is clean, therefore preventing the growth of ingrown facial hair. Exfoliating cleansers are likewise recommended.


  1. Men’s facial skin is oilier than women’s.

Sebum production is greater in males due to more active sebaceous glands, which also means when you get acne, you won’t be able to get rid of it as easily as women. Some women have oilier face than the rest, but you can’t always rely on your lady having an oily skin so you can use her facial products; it would be best to get your own. Facial creams and moisturizers that are light and can easily be absorbed are the best choices for men. Don’t use sulfate-free cleansers because they would almost have no cleansing effect on men’s oily skin.


  1. Men’s face has needs that a woman’s face does not, and vice versa.

For instance, men need shaving creams and aftershave for facial care, while ladies need anti-aging creams since women’s skin ages faster than men’s. On the average, a man will shave 16,000 times in his lifetime. This means you are exposing your skin to irritation right after you shave. Two steps to minimize skin irritation are by first using a sharp razor for shaving, and by properly lubricating with shaving cream. Don’t use your girlfriend’s or wife’s razor; get your own to make sure it’s as sharp as you need it.


  1. Men wash their hair in a regular wash and go fashion, while women take longer and add more care when washing their hair.

Taking this into consideration, shampoo companies make ladies’ shampoos that are gentle on the hair and scalp so as not to damage them. The scents of women’s shampoos are also aimed towards women, with its sweet and flowery aroma. Men should make use of shampoos that have a masculine scent and can clean in a fast and efficient manner. Clarins has the best shampoo for men, as it cleans thoroughly but is still easier to wash off, and has a clean, masculine scent.


  1. Men’s skin has more collagen than women’s skin, which is why they won’t show wrinkles as early as women.

But this can also mean that build-up of dirt and dead cells are greater in males. Ladies’ soaps are often too gentle for men’s skin to get rid of this build-up, which is why it is natural for men to use soaps meant for them.


It is a common mistake of both men and women to assume that using the same body products is alright. But you may be doing yourself a disservice if you continue to use body products that are not meant for you. You will notice a significant difference once you start buying and using men’s products that are specifically designed for men’s needs. 

3 Basic Informations on the Implementation of An ICCP System to Prevent Metal Corrosion

An ICCP system is a system that can provide cathodic protection


An ICCP system is a system that can provide cathodic protection. In achieving this goal, the process of an ICCP system involves the implementation of a formulation applied for the prevention of corrosion to a surface made of metal. The purpose of implementing this formula is to make the metal surface become the cathode for a cell considered to be electrochemical in its structure.  Here we explain more about its thesis, common applications, and what to consider to help you better implement this type of system when a need arises for your projects.







The thesis is that a simple method is implemented to provide safeguarding for the desired metal

♦ What is the thesis?


The thesis is that a simple method is implemented to provide safeguarding for the desired metal by connecting it to what is termed as a sacrificial metal. It is attached to this piece of metal, which is more easily corrodible, for the express purpose of making it function as an anode. The result is that the sacrificial metal will be the substance that undergoes corrosion instead of the desired metal.







Take into consideration the amount of passive galvanic cathodic protection

♦ What is to consider?


Take into consideration the amount of passive galvanic cathodic protection. Let’s take the structures of long pipelines, as an example, particularly ones in which there is a low level of passive galvanic cathodic protection.  In this case, it is necessary to use an external DC electrical power source, for the purpose of being able to provide the desired effective supply of current.







ICCP systems are used to provide protection to a varied array of products fabricated of metal in various industries

♦  What are its typical applications?


ICCP systems are used to provide protection to a varied array of products fabricated of metal in various industries. Many relatively well-known applications of this type of system are in the creation of steel water pipelines, steel fuel pipelines, and even in the production of steel storage tanks.  They are also used for ship and boat hulls, steel pier piles, oil well casings onshore, oil platforms offshore, wind farm foundations offshore and more. Additionally, note that another frequent usage is for galvanized steel. An ICCP system is beneficial because a sacrificial coating in the form of zinc on top of steel will ensure that the steel will not rust.



Now that you have been informed more about this type of system, the thesis, things to consider and various common applications, you should be able to see how this kind of system proves to be very useful. Consider applying this type of system to your own projects to avoid metal corrosion that could ruin everything.

5 Major Health Reasons Why Losing Weight Is Not Your Ultimate Goal

If you’re planning to go on a diet to lose weight, you probably care more about losing all of that unwanted body fat, rather than getting healthier as your primary goal. Unfortunately, many of us tend to do the same thing. We put too much emphasis on losing weight, without considering our health and the side effects or risks that come with improper dieting. Below are the five important health reasons why losing weight is not your ultimate goal (and what to do instead).


  1. Adequate rest

Those who are on an improper diet or crash dieting tend to lose their weight fast, without giving a chance for their body to take a break. This will only make you gain more weight in the long run and eventually exhausts your body. Instead, get plenty of rest and sleep. According to a study, those who received adequate rest and sleep can retain healthy hormonal balance, in turn leaving them less hungry and prevent them from getting cravings or binge eating.

Adequate rest


  1. Reduced stress

The wrong diet can put a lot of mental strain on you, particularly when you urgently need to lose the weight fast and not eating as much. This makes you ‘hangry’, which means hungry and angry. Instead of simply losing weight by not eating as much, try a more balanced diet that nourishes your body and at the same time doesn’t contribute to any weight gain. Give yourself more time to reach your goal, and reward yourself with a healthy snack whenever you deserve it. The more relaxed you are in achieving your goal, the healthier and less stressful you’ll be.


  1. More established exercise routine

Not giving a lot of thought when losing weight leads to massive loss of energy and body nutrients. If you focus more on getting a fitter body rather than just losing weight, you’ll end up with a more established exercise routine. This will benefit you in the long run as it makes it easier for you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only will you end up losing weight, but you’ll also have better heart health, improved muscle development, and increased blood circulation.

More established exercise routine


  1. Increased nutrition knowledge

Your knowledge in nutritional values of food will increase if you put an importance on what kind of food you consume. This will help you in the long run as you know what food to avoid to lose weight and stay healthy. Make increased nutrition knowledge one of your primary health goals rather than simply losing weight.

Increased nutrition knowledge


  1. Higher life expectancy

Many deaths have been reported due to being on the wrong diet. If you make your health your priority instead of just losing weight, you’ll increase your life expectancy by at least five years, provided you stay away from any bad habit. In addition to losing weight, make it your mission to do a regular medical checkup as well.

Higher life expectancy



That said, it doesn’t mean your initial goal of losing weight isn’t important. In addition to eating a balanced diet, getting rid of your bad habit like excessive drinking, working out regularly, getting plenty of rest, and drinking more water to maintain the right weight, you can also make the extra effort to lose some weight by applying a firming lotion. If you’re wondering where to buy a firming lotion, check out your nearest pharmacy or any online beauty stores.

What Hollywood Celebrities Do to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Post-pregnancy weight loss sometimes becomes a goal that frustrates mothers. While every woman is blessed with different body type, you might be wondering how celebrities get their pre-pregnancy figures in a snap. These Hollywood stars may have their own personal trainers or nutritionists, but what they do is not a secret, and you can follow their tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

  1. Start with baby stepsSlimming down would need time, it is a process and time factor is a tip to lose weight

Jessica Simpson shared one of her tips to lose her post-baby weight by taking it slow. Slimming down after pregnancy would need time, it is a process. That’s why Halle Berry created an exercise schedule so she could see the progress of her weight loss. By setting up a goal, it would be a self-motivation for you to lose weight and get the desired pre-baby body.

  1. Follow a healthy diet planOne of the tips to lose weight is by choosing the right, healthy diet plan for you

Another tip to lose weight is by choosing the right, healthy diet plan for you. After her second child, Kim Kardashian did Atkin’s diet, by cutting her sugar and lowering her carbohydrate. Beyoncé also did a strict diet after giving birth to Blue Ivy, by eating low calories and focusing on white meat protein like fish.

  1. Focus on your baby and stay positiveThe tips to lose weight is to focus on your baby and always stay positive

Paying attention to your baby’s priority is one tip you can’t ignore. Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed that she focused on what she eats for the sake of the baby’s health. While creating a goal is important, keeping a positive mind is what you need during the process. Hilary Duff admitted that at times, she wanted to lose her weight immediately, but she realized that appreciating the body change made it easier.

As long as you focus on what matters the most, which is your baby and your health, getting your pre-baby weight after giving birth is not impossible. To know what you’re capable of while following the tips to lose weight is what makes it work. Ask your doctor if there is any restriction for you when it comes to exercise and diet plan before you start the journey.

The 4 Essential Things You Should Know About IT Outsourcing

The 4 Essential Things You Should Know About IT Outsourcing


If you are managing a website for a business based in Singapore, you should consider outsourcing the responsibilities connected with your information technology infrastructure. This option is especially relevant if you don’t have the budget and resources to run your own IT infrastructure. In fact, most startups go the outsourcing option so they can focus their attention on making their products and services better for their target customers. Here are the essential things about IT outsourcing that you should be aware of:







As far as outsourcing is concerned, the most important part of the deal usually lies in the server that they provide for your use

  1. The servers should be enough to accommodate all your data


As far as outsourcing is concerned, the most important part of the deal usually lies in the server that they provide for your use. If you get a good server, you don’t have to worry about your website going down because of server issues. Problems with servers often occur because the server isn’t able to accommodate the incoming flow of traffic and data.







We're talking about an online business here which means that the clients visit your website anytime of the day and night

  1. The customer support from the IT company should be on a 24/7 basis


We’re talking about an online business here which means that the clients visit your website anytime of the day and night. If something goes wrong, the IT company you hired should be able to fix problems in the soonest possible time.







If you have plans on expanding in the future as your business grows, you should partner with an IT company who can make the transition smooth and hassle-free

  1. You should be able to upgrade your account whenever you want


If you have plans on expanding in the future as your business grows, you should partner with an IT company who can make the transition smooth and hassle-free. You should be able to gain access to bigger resources without any delays.







Business people working in group in the office

  1. All your data and resources should be backed up in the case of data loss and other similar types of data problems


In short, the IT company should have a good data backup system. This is critical if your website gathers pieces of information from your customers. If you lost these, you might also lose your customers. So check their data backup plans if they are secure and reliable.



In conclusion, if you are looking for professional IT support, see to it that the company you partner with have all the qualities discussed above. The quality of your IT infrastructure plays a paramount role in the success of your website and business. This is particularly the case if the majority of your customers complete their transactions with you online.

5 Things You Need to Know to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

TThere are so many things to think about when planning a wedding. But it only boils down to one thing: the couple wants it to be a memorable day for everyone so it should be as perfectly planned as possible. What makes a perfectly planned wedding? A fairy-tale like the setup, great reception, good food and perhaps a superbly looking entourage. To help you, here are fool-proof ways to have the wedding of your dreams:1

  1. Work on your budget. Don’t make the mistake of spending money on a single service until you discussed it with your partner. When budgeting, remember to factor in every detail. One of the common mistakes couples make is forgetting the little extras. Wedding ensembles, for example, usually cost 10 to 15 percent of the entire wedding cost. Before checking out a bridal store, figure out how much you want to spend on the wedding gown. Consider visiting a Bridal studio in Singapore to get an idea how gowns are priced. One more tip is to complete your guest list before doing anything. This is to help determine the catering bill.2
  2. Hire well-qualified people to do their job. Save yourself from stress by hiring professional people like photographers who would cover your special day. Instead of simply heading to Google, ask recommendations from your colleagues. Great photographers prefer booking more than a year in advance.3
  3. Create your list of needs and wants. What are the “needs”? These are things that you need to make everything work, like an affordable venue and a good photographer. “Wants” are stuff that you can skip and still have the best wedding. Examples are stationeries like accessory cards and printed wedding programs. Right now, guest books are also considered not part of the necessity. Like, what are you going to do with your guests’ signatures?4
  4. Get a helping hand. Because it is their big day, many brides feel like they are tasked to do everything. Don’t be a Superwoman and ask as much help as possible. You will be surprised by how many people would love to help on planning your wedding!5
  5. Handle all the legal requirements in the beginning. What is the paperwork you need to accomplish? This is especially important when you are having your wedding overseas. In Singapore, it is required that both of you spend at least 15 days in Singapore before filing a Notice of Marriage. You can do this online but take note of the earliest and latest date you are allowed to file.

Mistakes are inevitable when planning a wedding. But remember that a perfect wedding does not necessarily have to be the grandest ever. It can be simple, as long as it reflects you and your partner. Enjoy your day! The day after your wedding is what matters most.

3 Reasons Woodlands Could Be A Good Location For Your Next Property Investment

Whenever most Singaporeans hear about Woodlands, they’ll quote the Chinese saying, “It’s a place where the birds don’t lay their eggs”.
To most not living in the northern part of Singapore, Woodlands is a desolate place; detached from the rest of Singapore and ridiculed with impossible jokes such as one needing a passport to enter Woodlands just because it is so far away from the rest of the towns.
But for a very long time, one thing separates Woodlands from the rest of the towns in Singapore – that it is nearest to our neighbor, Malaysia. And because of this, it makes Woodlands a very attractive prospect for property investors. So if you’re looking for a Woodlands HDB for sale or even a condominium, here are three more reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

1. New Amenities Upgrades

Image result for Woodlands MRT Station today

In 2014, the government had announced a $31 million upgrade to turn Woodlands from a sleepy town to a bustling high-traffic hub, primarily near the sports hall and Woodlands Street 12. If you were to head down to Woodlands MRT Station today, construction works are everywhere, which includes a retail hub near Woodlands MRT, the new Thomson MRT line for faster accessibility and a new hawker center. With more amenities and accessibility, property prices might be headed in the right direction

2. North Singapore’s First Business Hub

Image result for Thomson-East Coast lines singapore

Woodlands will also have its own regional center by 2021 when the Thomson-East Coast lines are built. The regional business hub will be one of the few major employment centers away from the city center with about 100,000 new jobs slated to be created. With a massive increase in jobs, demands for housing around the area will see a rise.

3. Lack of Condominiums

Image result for Woodlands HDB
Condominiums are limited in the Woodlands area. Hence, most potential tenants looking to live in the area have to resort to renting HDB flats. This has resulted in some very good statistics on the rental market for Woodlands, and it has been outperforming the island-wide average in regards to rental yield. With the significant increase in the number of jobs in the future, there is a highly good chance that it will enhance the rental market further.
Woodlands might still be seen as a highly inaccessible area now to most Singaporeans, but in the very near future, exciting developments such as even the new upgrade to Woodlands Checkpoints will definitely have an impact on property prices around the area. If you’re looking to invest for the future, Woodlands might just be the area you want to consider.

Front Act – 6 Helpful Tips On Choosing A Style For Your Bridesmaid Dresses

ce5797543f23d9cafcf08496dda167c8In Singapore as in other western-inspired traditions, bridesmaids are part of the official bridal entourage in a wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids form the core of the bride’s trusted and reliable troopers to ensure that formalities of the nuptial ritual are strictly adhered to with no hitches. Dressed in matching, if not identical outfits, the bridesmaids lend color and glamor to the occasion.

If you are more on the practical side to save on time and energy, you have the option to go for gown rental for your entourage in Singapore. Once you have decided on the color motif or theme for your wedding, choosing the perfect style comes in a breeze. Take these 6 valuable tips on choosing a style for your bridesmaid dresses.

6 Helpful Tips On Choosing A Style For Your Bridesmaid DressesBudgetCalculator

  1. Work Within Your Budget

The primary objective of the budget-conscious bride-to-be is to work within the budget. The bridesmaids’ dresses need not be expensive but still look magical during the ceremony.2016_09_05_11193_1473045692._large

  1. Distinctive Appearance

The style of the bridesmaids’ dresses should conform to the ambiance of your dream wedding. If it’s on the royalty theme, then the dresses should be formal and elegant. Make sure the style blends perfectly well with the venue setting.Features

  1. Features

It would be advisable to have an eye for details. The dresses can be embellished or ornamented depending on the shape or cut of the dress. Beads, rhinestones, laces, or ribbons can add character to a bridesmaid dress.LogoLongandShort

  1. The Long and Short of It

The dresses can be from full-length gowns to structured, short, flowing dresses. But for any length, be certain the dresses emphasize the shapely figures of your ladies.Wedding-Philippines-Weddings-by-Color-Aqua-Emerald-Wedding-Ideas-01

  1. Color and Motif

The bridesmaids’ dresses can come in different shades or hues of your chosen wedding color. It should symbolize what these colors mean for the couple. E3

  1. Feel the Fabric

It is important to select the picture-perfect fabric for the occasion. The bridesmaids’ dresses are not meant to upstage the bridal gown. Whether it is made of chiffon, satin, or silk, the bridesmaids should feel comfortable wearing them.

One beautiful dilemma a bride-to-be has to contend with during wedding preparations is choosing the right style of bridesmaid dresses. When assembled prior to the bride’s first appearance, the bridesmaids should be a sight for sore eyes too. The bevy of beautiful ladies serving as the opening act of the bride’s ceremonial walk must wear stunningly beautiful dresses that make heads turn and jaws drop.  Follow the tips shared above to get these desired effects on your wedding day!

10 Bathroom Essentials That Help Save Busy Career Women’s Time And Money

clean bathroom items against neutral background

Are you a career woman with a hectic schedule and constantly on the go? Perhaps cutting your time short in the bathroom could give you more time to do other important things. That said, your personal hygiene shouldn’t be neglected. Invest in these 10 bathroom essentials that help save your time and money in the long run:


  1. Shower heads If you’re rushing to work in the morning, perhaps it’s wise to avoid taking a bath and instead opt for a quick shower. Invest in a shower head that has the added function of head-massaging. It helps you to calm down and relax after a busy day.
  2. Bathroom tiles It will be much easier and quicker to clean the floor if you use tiles in your bathroom. Compared to other material, bathroom tiles only require one cleaning product to scrub off the floor, and you can use the same cleaning product to clean your shower enclosure or bathtub.
  3. Accessible vanity units A vanity unit that includes a sink and a storage will save you a lot of time, especially if it’s accessible from the spot you’re standing or sitting in the bathroom. There’s no need to get up and keep going back and forth between the shower room to the storage when you require something. Plus, you save a lot of water by not letting it run without you in the shower.
  4. Stylish storage A stylish and practical storage can help save your time when you’re in the hurry by stashing all of your important items at one place. Whether you’re looking for your hair care products, medicines, or cosmetics, it’s a lot easier and faster if you have them all at one place, as you don’t have to run around the house looking for your things.
  5. Towel rails Some people may think towel rails are insignificant and that they can simply hang their towels on top of the shower glass or curtain rail. But tower rails can surprisingly make your life easier by saving your time as it keeps your towels closer without soaking it.
  6. Instant water heater Get an instant water heater that includes a quick button push. You no longer have to wait a few seconds and waste a lot of water waiting for it to turn warm or hot.
  7. Soap dispenser Bar soaps tend to slip off hands. Ditch bar soaps and use a hand wash instead. You can buy a soap dispenser and refill it with a pack of hand wash gel.
  8. Plunger If you’re dealing with a clogged toilet, having a plunger in the bathroom saves time, and can possibly save you money by fixing it as soon as possible on your own without calling a plumber.
  9. Bidet Households that use bidet instead of solely relying on toilet papers tend to save a lot more and produces less household waste. Not only do bidets save the forest and water resource, you won’t have your toilet clogged with toilet papers. Plus, bidets will ease you off your pain if you’re suffering from rectal and anal conditions.
  10. 3-in-1 shower gel The best shower gel is one that has a 3-in-1 function, which means it can be used for body, face, and hair. Choose a product that is suitable for your skin type and contains PH skin-balancer.

Some of the bathroom essentials mentioned may cost you extra, but they can be a good long-term investment that will help save you time and money. Find out what your priorities and needs are and invest in a few products that will benefit you. With the bathroom essentials recommended, you no longer have to spend hours in the bathroom getting ready for work.

spend hours in the bathroom getting ready for work

5 Most Common Hair Problems and Effective Ways to Fix Them

Did you have a bad hair day? People in Singapore face different kinds of hair problems and while this kind of issue is not as big as it seems, it affects our confidence and the way we look at things. There are people who have beautiful-looking locks but they suffer from scalp problems. Some worry about their limp and greasy hair. If you have hair issues that have been bothering you for quite some time now, this post will give you the quick and effective tips to remedy those issues.

  1. Gentle-cleansing shampoos for lack of volume. This can be solved by using volumizing and thickening hair products. But if you want something that is more effective and is easier to maintain, wash it with a gentle cleansing shampoo daily. Getting rid of the dirt, oil, and dust allows your hair to have the desirable volume you want.
  2. Scalp treatment for dandruff. The most effective scalp treatment in Singapore for seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff is usually done in four different steps. An expert will analyze the condition of your scalp before exfoliating and shampooing it. Before the treatment ends, the expert will do the final analyzing to check the condition of your scalp.Scalp treatment for dandruff is effective and it helps to get rid of scalp acne
  3. Coconut oil and lemon juice for graying hair. Your gene is the number one culprit for having gray hair. If you’re tired of bleaching and coloring, try natural home remedies like mixing three teaspoons of lemon juice into coconut oil. Apply it and massage into your scalp before shampooing your hair once a week.
  4. Minoxidil for hair loss. Minoxidil is the active ingredient of many hair growth products on the market. This antihypertensive vasodilator medication does not only slow hair loss but also promotes hair regrowth. If you want something permanent and is not prone to any side effects, a hair transplant is right for you.A women showing on how to use Minoxidil for hair loss to cure our scalp
  5. Hair mask for dry and frizzy hair. Sometimes, using a conditioner is not enough if you have damaged hair. A hair mask is a better cure especially for people who always use flat irons to style their hair.

Aside from these quick fixes, remember that nutrition plays a huge part in the condition of our hair. Always brush gently and don’t expose your hair to chemicals and heat as much as possible. If you want the best quality of hair, do not forget the scalp. Both the hair and scalp play a major role in the health of your hair and general appearance.