Team BuildingThe thing about team building in Singapore these days is that it’s become just another requisite company event to get your staff to feel good about themselves before you shackle them back to their desks.

Have you ever informed your office about plans for team building days? Were you surprised to hear groans and see grimaces instead of eager faces? The truth is that some employees dread company team building, either because they feel it’s a waste of time or simply because they think it’s lame.

If you want to get employees to enjoy team building (and at the same time up your boss coolness factor) you might want to give these tips a thought:


  1. Avoid Repeating Events The “Trust Fall” might have been fun in the 90s, but you have to remember to keep things exciting and fresh for your office. Consult younger people more hip than yourself to find out what they think is fun, but at the same time, ensure that the events are inclusive to the various people in your company. Also, add an element of mystery by keeping the activities a secret until the day itself.


  1. Outdoors Is In Forget corporate dinners or concerts or indoor entertainment. There are countless companies that you can hire to organize outdoor games for team building in Singapore. The cool kids these days aren’t just hiking or camping. They’re going on treasure hunts, playing bubble soccer (please pretend you know what that is), and sky diving – and all these can be arranged by team building experts.


  1. Go Easy On The Food Singaporeans will use any excuse to eat but make sure you prioritize the activities over the food. Instead of feeding people to the point they’re too lazy or sleepy to participate in activities, reward their efforts with timely, quality meals. After all, the food is going to taste a lot better when they’re tired!


At the end of the day, it’s worth noting that corporate teams these days are multi-skilled, aware and ambitious – hallmarks of the modern competitive employee that can be notoriously difficult to please.

While this might translate to more complicated relationships between team members, it also means that successful team building can reap enormous returns for the company, and make you a very cool boss.

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