Everyone loves to buy furniture in Singapore about as much as they love getting a new piece of wooden furniture in their house. The only problem with getting wooden furniture is that sometimes it is hard to care for. Luckily, there are things that one can do in order to protect their precious wooden furniture and to keep it looking new for a very long time.

One of the more obvious solutions to keeping wooden furniture looking new for a long time is to clean it. Using warm water and an extremely mild soap should be able to do the trick. Something that is highly important to remember is not to soak the wooden furniture while cleaning it. It will ruin the wooden furniture almost immediately, which is the exact opposite of the desired outcome. Lightly cleaning the wooden furniture will definitely ensure that the wooden piece will continue to look as beautiful as it did whenever it was first bought.


Another thing that can be done to keep wooden furniture looking new is to lightly wax it after it has been cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Applying wax to the wooden furniture seals in the newly cleaned wood so that nothing can break inside and ruin the wood. In addition to creating a barrier for the wood, the wax will also leave a glossy finish on the wood. This will make your furniture continue to look new all because of that clean, shiny glow that it will radiate.


Sometimes after laying a hot coffee mug or another warm item on wooden furniture, it can leave a ring of what almost looks like grease. Sometimes, it can look a bit white in that particular area. No matter what the look of it is, there is a quick way to fix it! All one will have to do is find a mild abrasive to clean the rings off of the wooden furniture. Many people recommend using toothpaste mixed with baking soda. It is mild enough that it will not ruin your treasured furniture, but it is strong enough to eliminate the appearance of the rings.


Every once in a while, all wooden furniture pieces need a slight touch up. The pieces can easily obtain scratches and scuff marks on it that make it look very worn out. All that has to be done to create a solution for this problem is to find a shoe polish that perfectly matched the color of the wooden furniture piece. After the appropriately colored shoe polish has been found, just quickly fill in the greasy looking ring or the white stain that is displayed on the wooden furniture piece. It will look as good as new!


A fact that several people may not know is that heat can damage wooden furniture. It is very important to keep it away from any sunlight that is entering through doors or windows. Another thing that would protect the furniture piece is to keep it away from any heating vents. By doing these things, the wooden furniture pieces will look amazing for much longer than one would typically expect.
Keeping wooden furniture away from heat sources and the sun is just one of the many things that can be done in order to preserve the life and the appearance of a wooden furniture piece. By taking care of the furniture in one’s home, they can expect for their furniture to look as if it was just purchased for a very long amount of time.