Computers nowadays are part and parcel of our everyday life in Singapore. They offer entertainment, help tackle complex work, organize and schedule tasks and more. At the same time, the PC also acts as an invaluable tool for collecting and storing valuable data that means a lot to you. However, you can lose that data if your PC isn’t protected against theft. Also, a small alteration might lead to a loss of all your files. How can you safeguard your personal data from such a disaster?

Here are three excellent ways you can use to protect your personal data from theft and any sudden loss.







  1.    Hide your valuables


Just the same way you hide your most valuable belongings in your home, the same way you should hide your most valuable data on PC. Safeguarding your personal files with a strong anti-virus isn’t enough because any ordinary burglar can access those files and steal all the data he needs. Rather, protect your files and PC with the built-in password feature that comes with your doc files and operating system. This way, it would be hard for someone to steal your personal data, even if you misplace or lose your PC.







  1.    Skip the recycle bin


When you want to delete files with private information, you shouldn’t toss them in the recycle bin. Anyone can reach those files and use them to fuel their personal interests. In Windows, hold “Shift” and press “Delete” button to erase the files you don’t want permanently. But it’s worth knowing the data still hangs around somewhere until it’s entirely overwritten. To ensure that data is completely erased from any virtual location within your PC, use a virtual shredder to delete all sensitive data securely. This way, even the savviest malicious hackers can’t retrieve such information in any way.







  1.    Keep important data offsite


Because most valuable data is at a greater risk online, it’s important to create a backup copy to secure such files. You can also hire a hosted online backup service to encrypt those files for you and store them in a very safe location, away from malicious hackers. There are numerous online backup services available online. Some offer free small-capacity subscription ideal for encrypting small-size files. Those which encrypt large-size files may ask a small fee to enjoy their services, nevertheless.



The data on your personal computer may be worth more than the actual PC itself. Making sure such data is secure from any malicious theft, and any unforeseeable loss is vital. Sure, losing that part of entertainment you used to enjoy before may not hurt much, but the loss of your personal data might hurt you deeply.


Above are a few amazing ways you can use to back up highly-sensitive personal data from any unexpected loss or a malicious attack looming within. And if you need to find any valuable files you probably lost without knowing, call a provider of data recovery in Singapore today to fix you this problem.