Stop Destroying Your Skin

If you are like the vast majority of people in Singapore and elsewhere, your daily routine likely causes far more damage to your skin than you ever realized. Throughout your day, you probably undertake several activities that can cause extreme skin damage over time.

Thankfully, some added attention to your daily routine and simple precautions often will counteract the debilitating effects your daily routine has on your skin. Here are six ways you likely wreck your skin and how to fix the problem.


  1. Too Much Caffeine

If you drink coffee, tea or soft drinks, you likely are taking in too much caffeine every day, and that will dry out your skin and cause premature aging. You don’t have to cut coffee and other caffeinated drinks out of your diet, but you need to moderate your intake and enjoy decaffeinated drinks as much as possible.

Too Much Caffeine


  1. Lengthy Hot Showers

A hot shower feels great at the end of a long day of work and play. But the longer and warmer your shower, the more damage you do to your skin by flushing out critical oils and nutrients. That can lead to dry, scaly skin.

You can keep your showers comfortably warm, but short of generating steam, to help preserve your natural skin oils and keep your skin from drying out.


  1. Ignoring Your Neck

Your neck gets more sun exposure than any other part of your body. But like a lot of people, you probably ignore it when you apply face cream and skin moisturizer. Luckily for you, you can buy the best neck cream specifically designed for the rigors your neck undergoes every day.


  1. Too Much Pool Time

Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise, but if you spend too much time in the pool, your skin will suffer. The chlorine typically used to keep pools sanitary also does a great job of drying out your skin. You need to shower and use moisturizer to counteract chlorine’s debilitating effects.


  1. Wearing Dirty Sunglasses

Nearly everyone wears sunglasses in Singapore. But, if you don’t clean your sunglasses, over time sweat and bacteria build up, and that can cause breakouts on your nose and near your eyes. Using rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect your sunglasses will help to keep your nose and face clean and pristine.


  1. Too Much Salt and Sodium

Popcorn and many other snacks and foods taste great with salt on them. But when you take in too much salt and sodium, you expel moisture from your skin. That gives your skin a dull and dried-out look.

Moderating your salt and sodium intake will help. So will a good skin moisturizer, which can counteract the effects of salt and sodium.


Whether you commit some or all of the six common ways most people destroy their skin without knowing it, you can take simple steps to stop it. Simple modifications in your daily habits, combined with using quality skincare products for your face, neck, and body will help to ensure your skin remains soft and vibrant throughout your day.