Busy Guys' Skin Look and Feel Fantastic

Singapore has much to offer its citizens and visitors. That means, like most men in Singapore, you probably are very busy. That also means you most likely are not taking good care of your skin.

Fortunately, proper facial care for men is relatively simple to incorporate into your daily routine. To help you take better care of your skin and get your appearance at its absolute best, here are five daily routines that will improve your skin and appearance.


  1. Drink Lots of Water

If you don’t stay hydrated, your skin won’t have the water it needs to stay supple and moist, especially on hot, sunny Singaporean days. Most men should drink at least six glasses of water each day to stay fully hydrated. More water is needed when drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol since they are diuretic and expel water from your body.

Drink Lots of Water


  1. Use a Good Moisturizer

With 12 hours of sunlight every day and lots of humidity, the skin on your face takes a good deal of punishment in Singapore. Using an appropriate moisturizer will help you to counteract the debilitating effects of the Singapore weather. If your skin is dry, using an oil-based moisturizer is best. If you have oily skin, then you should use a water-based moisturizer for your face and skin.

Use a Good Moisturizer


  1. Screen Out the Sun

The sun is your skin’s worst enemy in many ways, especially if you don’t take the time to use an appropriate sunscreen. The best sunscreens contain moisturizer and have a sun protection factor of at least 15 and up to 30. That means you have a broad protection against the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.


  1. Get Into a Lather

Dead skin cells accumulate on your face and give your skin a dull appearance. You can remove them by using a facial wash that contains glycolic acid and working up a good lather when you wash in the morning and again at night. Cold water, combined with a good lather and rinse will clean and tighten your pores while ensuring they stay clean.

Get Into a Lather


  1. Watch What You Eat

Reducing your sugar intake, while increasing fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis will improve your skin. Cutting down on your sugar intake will help to prevent skin blemishes and breakouts. Increasing the amount of healthful and beneficial fruits and vegetables you eat every day boosts the nutrients your skin needs to stay nourished, while also providing beneficial antioxidants which help counteract aging and sun damage to your skin.

Watch What You Eat


If your skin and appearance are less than their best, you can incorporate the preceding ways to make your skin look and feel fantastic and see a noticeable improvement in a relatively short time. All suggestions are simple and take only a few additional moments to complete as part of your daily routine.

Facial care for men does not have to be costly or complicated. In most instances, some simple changes to your daily routine, combined with using the right products, can help you to rapidly improve your skin quality and looks.