men hardly care about what happens to their skin

Although it would seem on the outside that men hardly care about what happens to their skin, the reality is the opposite. Like ladies, men also experience skin issues that have to be addressed daily. Acne, skin sensitivities, and aging are also a concern. Many men assume that using their women’s skin and hair products will help them get rid of these issues, but this is not the case.


If you have the habit of using your lady’s products, you should stop right now. Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Men’s facial skin is thicker and tougher than women’s.

Testosterone stimulation, especially of Androgen, is the cause of this thickening. Stronger facial cleansers are needed for this type of skin to ensure it skin is being cleansed properly. Men can get a closer shave because the surface is clean, therefore preventing the growth of ingrown facial hair. Exfoliating cleansers are likewise recommended.


  1. Men’s facial skin is oilier than women’s.

Sebum production is greater in males due to more active sebaceous glands, which also means when you get acne, you won’t be able to get rid of it as easily as women. Some women have oilier face than the rest, but you can’t always rely on your lady having an oily skin so you can use her facial products; it would be best to get your own. Facial creams and moisturizers that are light and can easily be absorbed are the best choices for men. Don’t use sulfate-free cleansers because they would almost have no cleansing effect on men’s oily skin.


  1. Men’s face has needs that a woman’s face does not, and vice versa.

For instance, men need shaving creams and aftershave for facial care, while ladies need anti-aging creams since women’s skin ages faster than men’s. On the average, a man will shave 16,000 times in his lifetime. This means you are exposing your skin to irritation right after you shave. Two steps to minimize skin irritation are by first using a sharp razor for shaving, and by properly lubricating with shaving cream. Don’t use your girlfriend’s or wife’s razor; get your own to make sure it’s as sharp as you need it.


  1. Men wash their hair in a regular wash and go fashion, while women take longer and add more care when washing their hair.

Taking this into consideration, shampoo companies make ladies’ shampoos that are gentle on the hair and scalp so as not to damage them. The scents of women’s shampoos are also aimed towards women, with its sweet and flowery aroma. Men should make use of shampoos that have a masculine scent and can clean in a fast and efficient manner. Clarins has the best shampoo for men, as it cleans thoroughly but is still easier to wash off, and has a clean, masculine scent.


  1. Men’s skin has more collagen than women’s skin, which is why they won’t show wrinkles as early as women.

But this can also mean that build-up of dirt and dead cells are greater in males. Ladies’ soaps are often too gentle for men’s skin to get rid of this build-up, which is why it is natural for men to use soaps meant for them.


It is a common mistake of both men and women to assume that using the same body products is alright. But you may be doing yourself a disservice if you continue to use body products that are not meant for you. You will notice a significant difference once you start buying and using men’s products that are specifically designed for men’s needs.