The piano is dubbed as the king of instruments, not just because of its grandness but the fact you can do more with it than any other music instrument. If you are just starting out in your music class, it’s normal to hear people say that you should make it as your first instrument. That actually makes sense, because the piano can build your musical basics very quickly.


Nevertheless, a piano is one of the most expensive instruments. Any expert will not recommend you to purchase the instrument if you are just starting out with your lessons. A pre-owned grand piano in Singapore costs around $6,000 and up while a used digital piano ranges from $700-$1,500. A great solution to this is to rent one, so you have an instrument to practice on. Here are some of the shops offering piano rental in Singapore:







  1. Music Lodge

They have pianos from well-known brands that can be rented starting at $60 per month. They also have the rental-by-day option, in case you need to have your instrument for an event or a recital.







  1. Piano DoReMi

They have event rentals and long-term rentals available. They will let you borrow their basic upright piano at $60 per month and their premium upright piano at $100 per month.







  1. Steinway Gallery

The shop offers many brands, but as their name suggests, they promote the Steinway & Sons. It is one of the oldest and most-trusted piano brands worldwide. They have a rent-to-buy program that costs $158 per month for this brand.







  1. Renner Piano

Their standard rental rates range from $60-$150 per month, depending on the quality of piano chosen. Aside from studio consoles, they also have semi-professional pianos available for rental.







  1. Aureus Academy

This music school just started renting out their pianos since last February. The rentals cost around $105-$214 per month depending on the model and brand.



If you are all set to rent a piano, contact any of these stores for other important details, such as their minimum rental period, delivery fees, and other costs involved. Almost all these shops require that you rent their piano for a minimum of six months. You may also ask if the rental also comes with tuning services, caster cups, and adjustable piano chair.