Your company is a team comprised of many members with a common goal. Like any good manager or executive, you know your company does better when its members all work together.Clarion_Hotel_Spindleruv_Mlyn_teambuilding_2

Team building helps to keep your team members focused on working toward their common goals as members of the same company team. To give you some ideas on where to host team building events in Singapore, here are five fantastic locations and event suggestions:

  1. Pulau Ubin Island A nature walk and mountain biking among the countless and colorful varieties of fauna and flora on Pulau Island give you options for breaking up into teams and exploring the island’s many beautiful sights. An outdoor company picnic helps to seal the team bonds.
  2. Night Safari Singapore A unique twist on the traditional daytime safari, the Night Safari Singapore takes you and your co-workers on an evening safari ride through the park that features more than 1,000 exotic animals across 115 species in the 40-hectare park. Special entertainment and dining opportunities make the Night Safari a great way to bond and communicate casually.
  3. Tanjong Pakar Distripark You can host team building among some of the world’s finest works of art at the Tanjong Pakar Distripark, which combines five distinct galleries containing many masterpieces. It also provides an art space where teams of co-workers can compete by creating themed works of art.
  4. Kovan Sports Centre Combat-style activities are great ways to create strong team bonds among employees of all levels. One of the safest combat-style activities is laser tag. At the Kovan Sports Centre, you can play indoor laser tag, in which contestants aim and shoot infrared beams that register hits on opponents.
  5. Kallang River A dragon boat race on the Kallang River enables you to break up your workers and executives into teams that race each other while paddling dragon boats. You can rent the boats and hire trainers to show you and your co-workers how to row, navigate and generally control the boats. The excitement is nearly ensured.shutterstock_136370609

The five locales and activities mentioned are just some of the many great locations and activities that support your company’s team building in Singapore. The only limitations are the physical abilities of those working at your company, and your imagination.