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In many Asian cultures, including the Chinese, following a specific dress code at a major event like a wedding is to be expected. Find out the five dress code rules for guests at a traditional Chinese wedding to avoid causing any offense:

  1. Stay away from anything distracting

When you’re deciding on what to wear to a traditional Chinese wedding, the first thing you should do is to stay away from anything distracting. This includes, but not limited to, flashy silhouettes and neons. Try not to upstage the bride and groom and choose something that represents you well, yet honors the tradition.

  1. Keep it classy and honorable

Back in the days, how you present yourself was a reflection on your family’s honor. However, with the changing of times, most Chinese families have relaxed a bit. That said, it’s still not an excuse to dress as you please. If you decide to wear a short dress, you should avoid anything too exposed or flashy to the point of tacky.

  1. Incorporate festive touches if permitted

Small touches of the Chinese culture, like a mandarin collar or gold accent, can be incorporated in your dress, provided you follow the dress code given and don’t overdo the oriental-inspired accents in your dress.

  1. Watch out for the color of your dress

In Chinese culture, color can make or break you, so try to be respectful and wear the right color to a particular event. For traditional weddings, don’t wear red. Avoid wearing too much white or black, as they often symbolize death and mourning. Opt for warm tones instead, like peach, pink, and purple.

  1. Abide by the dress length

Whether you’re buying a ready-made evening dress in Singapore or have a custom-made dress shipped to you, your dress length matters. Check out the specific guidelines given by the wedding host. The length of your dress usually depends on how formal the wedding is.

Failure to abide by the specific dress code may offend your host and also other wedding guests. Before you start shopping for your dress, make sure you know the dress code and remember the five tips mentioned above.