Whether you’re a tourist or a native, going to Singapore is not complete if you don’t try the hawker food there. Unlike most countries, the “must-do” activity here is to eat.

Here’s a short guide on what are the foods that you must try when in Singapore.


  1. Satay


A famous hawker food in Singapore that’s easy to find. Satay is skewered meat that’s charcoal grilled like BBQ, giving it a smoky flavour. You can choose from chicken, beef, mutton, and if you’re not looking for halal food, pork. It is usually served with sticky rice, cucumbers, onions, and peanut sauce.


You don’t want to order just one meat. It’s recommended to mix up your order and get a mixture of different types of meat. And a couple of sticks is never enough, so order around 10 sticks per person to really enjoy this.


  1. Otah otah


Just like satay, it’s easy to find otah otah in Singapore. It’s fish paste that’s mixed with herbs and spices. Wrapped in either coconut or banana leaves, it’s then charcoal grilled. Cooking it inside the leaves also adds an extra taste and fragrance to otah-otah.


You can have it on its own as a snack, or as a side dish with your rice or bread. And like satay, having one is not enough. Expect yourself to go through 3 or 4 of these.


  1. Char Kway Teow


Another well-known Singaporean hawker food, it’s made using flattened rice noodles. Cooked in high heat on a wok, it’s mixed together with prawns, lard, Chinese sausage, eggs and si ham (cockles), and drizzled with sweet soy sauce.


  1. Chicken rice


This is probably the most common dish to find at a hawker place. The chicken is cooked in chicken stock for a few hours to allow it to permeate the meat. The rice, just like the chicken, is boiled in chicken stock together with garlic and ginger.


Different stores will have different recipes, and locals will usually swear that one shop is better than the other.

Don’t pass on the chilli sauce served with it, as it is an important part of the meal. Made from chopped chilli and garlic, your chicken rice experience will not be the same without it.


How do I find the best stalls?


Asking a local will always be the best step as they will each have their favourite place. Second best would be to Google it, and there are tons of sites dedicated to exploring street food in Singapore.

And if you’re too tired to go out, there are websites for delivery service in Singapore. Just put in your order and it gets delivered right to your door step.