A country’s climate can be a significant contributor to hair loss. With that said, Singaporeans who have a history of hair loss in the family need to pay more attention to the health of their hair. The heat and humidity which characterizes Singapore’s climate can put a lot of pressure to the hair and scalp. This leads to drying which will eventually hasten hair loss.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most efficient Singapore hair loss solutions that you should be aware of:

  1. Keep your hair and scalp clean – Always bear in mind that the root of hair loss problems usually lies in your follicles. If you have unhealthy follicles, your hair loss problems will only get worse. It’s important that you thoroughly wash your hair and scalp on a regular basis. The humid weather in Singapore causes your scalp to produce more oil than necessary. Oily hair and oily follicles will damage your scalp.
  2. Take medications – There are certain types of medications like Minoxidil that can be very helpful in restoring hair growth in your bald spots. You have to apply these on your scalp either by rubbing it in or by spraying it. You don’t get instant results, but the effects will be noticeable within weeks or months.
  3. Try laser hair therapy – The idea behind laser therapy is that the low-level light from the lasers will help in stimulating cells in the hair follicles. Always keep in mind that hair loss results from hair follicles dying. If these follicles are rejuvenated using laser therapy, there’s a chance that your hair will start growing back.
  4. Have hair transplant surgery – Some people don’t like this procedure because it’s a bit invasive and can be painful. However, it’s very effective if you want instant results. It involves directly transplanting hair into bald spots in your scalp.

In conclusion, there’s still hope if you are suffering from hair loss. With the right approach and procedure, you can either stop the hair loss on its tracks or restore hair on your bald spots. Several hair clinics in Singapore offer these services at very affordable prices.