Maybe you’re going through difficult times trying to recover a file that you accidentally deleted. You might also not be aware or are low in options of the places you should go looking for help. Lucky for you, there are a few ways to retrieve all lost data so that you can continue working on your projects. Using the different recovery options available, many savvy tech support services around can easily find any lost data and restore them to their original directories.

Here are four different ways many IT services in Singapore use to recover lost data.







  1. Gather Data from the Recycle Bin or Macintosh Trash


Many times your machine’s operating software usually stores erased files in the Recycle Bin area for a certain period. If you’ve not yet emptied the trash, your technician may ask you to search through the Trash or Recycle Bin area for the misplaced file. If it’s hidden there, click it and press “Restore” for windows or “Put Back” button for Macintosh to retrieve your file.







  1. Restore Data from Backup


If it’s impossible to trace your file locally within the cloud storage provider’s Recycle Bin, your IT technician might advise you to retrieve the file from its backup. Backup systems enable you to find all lost data. The process is also fast and easy to get around. Make sure to create a backup option for files to prevent them from being lost.







  1. Recover Data from File History Feature


Several versions of Windows have limited backup facilities. For example, Windows 7 has this particular tool, which technicians find handy when gathering and restoring lost files. Windows 10 and 8 usually backup data in the File’s History area, though this feature should be enabled first in order to recover files. A convenient hard drive should also be on standby.







  1. Find Lost Files Using Data Recovery Software


And finally, many technicians use a particular software to gather data from your hard disk, regardless of whether the Recycle Bin is empty or not. This program works because the erased files aren’t actually overwritten the moment they’re expunged. The file simply hides from your view, thus enabling data recovery software to find and recover such files seamlessly. However, this method works best with magnetic hard disks since they store deleted files around for a longer time than other hard drives.


All in all, above are different ways many IT support services use to retrieve lost data in Singapore, which you probably lost many years ago. Or maybe you recently had the files removed without you knowing. No matter what kind of data storage or data recovery option you prefer, seeking assistance from a reputable IT service will have all your problems solved.



It doesn’t matter the volume of data you’ve lost; these services work with a team of highly-experienced technicians capable of handling projects of all sizes. Whether that requires retrieving a file from a single computer or a large server, these experts will recover that particular file for you in no time. Don’t watch your years of hard work waste away, call an IT support service today to see a striking difference!