Whenever most Singaporeans hear about Woodlands, they’ll quote the Chinese saying, “It’s a place where the birds don’t lay their eggs”.
To most not living in the northern part of Singapore, Woodlands is a desolate place; detached from the rest of Singapore and ridiculed with impossible jokes such as one needing a passport to enter Woodlands just because it is so far away from the rest of the towns.
But for a very long time, one thing separates Woodlands from the rest of the towns in Singapore – that it is nearest to our neighbor, Malaysia. And because of this, it makes Woodlands a very attractive prospect for property investors. So if you’re looking for a Woodlands HDB for sale or even a condominium, here are three more reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

1. New Amenities Upgrades

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In 2014, the government had announced a $31 million upgrade to turn Woodlands from a sleepy town to a bustling high-traffic hub, primarily near the sports hall and Woodlands Street 12. If you were to head down to Woodlands MRT Station today, construction works are everywhere, which includes a retail hub near Woodlands MRT, the new Thomson MRT line for faster accessibility and a new hawker center. With more amenities and accessibility, property prices might be headed in the right direction

2. North Singapore’s First Business Hub

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Woodlands will also have its own regional center by 2021 when the Thomson-East Coast lines are built. The regional business hub will be one of the few major employment centers away from the city center with about 100,000 new jobs slated to be created. With a massive increase in jobs, demands for housing around the area will see a rise.

3. Lack of Condominiums

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Condominiums are limited in the Woodlands area. Hence, most potential tenants looking to live in the area have to resort to renting HDB flats. This has resulted in some very good statistics on the rental market for Woodlands, and it has been outperforming the island-wide average in regards to rental yield. With the significant increase in the number of jobs in the future, there is a highly good chance that it will enhance the rental market further.
Woodlands might still be seen as a highly inaccessible area now to most Singaporeans, but in the very near future, exciting developments such as even the new upgrade to Woodlands Checkpoints will definitely have an impact on property prices around the area. If you’re looking to invest for the future, Woodlands might just be the area you want to consider.