In a 2014 multinational survey, researchers found that companies lost approximately $1.7 trillion in the past 12 months due to system downtime and data loss. Regardless of your industry and business size, these two IT-related incidents are costly. You lose money and customers for every minute your system is down. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to regularly backup their data. Here are the main reasons why.







  1. Human error is one of the major causes of cyber security issue. Despite the number of company policies, carelessness can lead to cyber threats originating inside the organization. If you have a team in place to help you manage your online operations, nuances like these can easily be resolved without bothering the customers.







  1. Machines And Hardware Can Fail Like humans, machines and hardware are not perfect and they can fail anytime. This is why you need to backup your data regularly. There are two ways you can do this—in a physical drive or in the cloud. You need IT services to maintain your website and your data recovery system so that when hardware failure happens, you can load the backup and reduce the number of hours needed to resume operations in case of emergencies.







  1. You can’t depend on Mother Nature. While some businesses can take a day off due to bad weather, there are organizations who don’t have such luxury. If you regularly backup your data in the cloud, you can easily redirect your operations to an offshore team. For companies who work with remote teams in other countries, this will help you run a smooth operation regardless of location and bad weather.








Strengthen Your Online Authority

There are many resources online that you can check if you want to go the DIY route but hiring an external team to handle your IT services will give you that peace of mind no amount of “how-to” articles can. Your customers are online and they demand 24/7 access.



Simply knowing that you can call for help any time of day to resolve an online issue quickly improves your confidence. Having an effective website and data backup system in place also help improve your online authority and your customers’ overall experience and satisfaction.